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Will You Be Part Of The Movement?


Here at Carolina Office Solutions it seems like we are selling and installing more cubicles lately. Even though opportunities to work remotely have increased in the past year, it looks like companies such as Wells Fargo and IBM are starting to limit remote opportunities and pull some of those off-site employees back into the office.

Wells Fargo did not have enough office space to accommodate their employees initially, so they began offering remote positions. Now that they are opening a new office in Ballantyne, they will need to determine which of their Charlotte employees will work from home and who will work at the new location.

If Wells Fargo was struggling with finding enough office space for their 24,000 employees, can you imagine how big of an office you would need to house 154,000 employees and all their office furniture? 78 million square feet! (That’s over 1,400 football fields!) And that’s exactly how much space IBM is saving, by letting 40% of their employees work from home.

Companies worry that making the decision to limit these opportunities based on positions would not only increase resignations but also hurt their reputation in the future with potential employees.

So, if remote jobs seem to be so beneficial why are companies willing to cut them out of the equation?

Well, it’s all about laying it all out on the conference table (which you can find in different colors and sizes at COS). On one end you have employee comfortability, and company savings. On the other end you have teamwork, company goals and corporate approach which obviously took the vote for some companies.

Companies like Wells Fargo and IBM, tend to value teamwork more than anything. They believe that teamwork is essential to their company’s success and believe that having all their employees under the same roof will encourage collaboration.

Teamwork goes hand in hand with achieving company goals. For obvious reasons, with the perfect team any goal is attainable. We all hate sitting on standby and I think we can all agree that there’s nothing like getting a real-time response to a real-time situation.

Then, we have corporate approach. Every company has an image to uphold, they want their customers to love working with them and they know customer service plays the most essential part in that. They respect the needs of their employees but are also putting the customer first. With all the recent technology today, it’s pretty much easy to work from anywhere. However, work is no longer about where you are, it’s about what you do. If increasing employee performance and optimizing customer needs means making their employees commute, businesses are willing to be a part of the movement.

The bottom line is, Carolina Office Solutions wants to make sure you’re comfortable. We want to make sure that regardless if you’re working from home or not, your office is spacious, organized and coordinated.

Don’t let your desk reflect your stress, call us to help you keep up with the expansion and competition in you work place.

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Will You Be Part Of The Movement?