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Suddenly Working At Home? Here Are Some Solutions

Cassaundra Thomas 03-20-20

As more and more people start to work out of their home rather than the offices, they had grown accustomed to, the reality of the back pain is starting to set in. Some people already had a small home office set up that will suffice for now, others are working off the dining room table, or worse: their couch! We have brainstormed and created some solutions for those that don’t have ideal situations at their newly imposed home office.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Look at Used

    Office furniture is available in many forms. The most obvious is new. You don’t have to pay that much though! You can look at many places here in Charlotte that offer pre-owned options that will surprise you in their condition. I’m not referring to Craigslist, or Facebook where you aren’t sure what you’re getting into. Rather, trusted companies like ours, who have been around for 20 years, purchase their products in large quantities from large companies (like the one you’re used to) and clean them up, and resells that at a drastically reduced price often upwards of 90% off the original price of the products. Meaning you get something very similar to what you were already working off at your office, right there at your house for a fraction of what your boss probably paid for it.

    All products have a mileage to them, much like cars. Office furniture gets replaced when it still has many years of life left, much like cars. Meaning people can get quality office furniture at a discounted price… much like cars. How many cars have you purchased new? How many cars have you purchased used? You can see all of our pre-owned products HERE.

  2. Support Local Businesses

    So, you’ve had enough and want your own workspace that is in close similarity to your workspace at the office. That’s great! Try your best, research a little bit, and find a local company to purchase your set up from. Whether you want something new, pre-owned, or blended, local businesses in your community are hurting. Giving back and helping them out will mean a lot. You may just find little wonders that you never knew existed and find something of amazing quality at lower than you could find online new. You may just be the one to impress your boss in the future by helping them save money on the office’s next furniture purchase!

    Not only will you find a whole new industry, you will also be able to talk with someone who is extremely knowledgeable in all things office furniture. It’s what they do! They can recommend the best options for you give the limited space you have.

  3. Get a Real Office Chair

    Office chairs are ergonomically designed to provide support while you work for hours. Your dining room chair is not. If you are limited on space and can’t fit in a proper desk, that’s fine! But at the very least get yourself an ergonomic office task chair for you to feel comfortable while you work. The last thing you need to get is back pain while dealing with your new work surrounds.

    This is another excuse to buy pre-owned. If you find a local business who sells both, you can walk around their warehouse and test out tons of seating options and find the one that best fits what you need.  A good task chair can be very expensive, so finding a pre-owned option that works for you is ideal. Plus, you may just find something that you like better than what you have at the office!

  4. Get a Height-Adjustable Option for Your “Desk”

    Whether you’re working at your kitchen table or even at a regular desk you already have, invest in something that will have you standing up. Many office spaces now have standing desk options for people. You may not get that luxury right now. Instead, looking at a VeriDesk, or similar products, you CAN!

    Right now, we have pre-owned VeriDesks! You can check them out here.

  5. Shop Deals!

    Those local office furniture companies I’ve been talking about? They cater to different sizes of companies, and they count on home office purchases to clear out their last of inventory products meaning…. They usually have some good deals on some products! It is worth looking into and seeing just how much bang for your buck you can get.

    Basically, you can make the most out of a less than ideal situation. Finding a local office furniture store that has knowledgeable employees dedicated to finding office furniture solutions for anyone will benefit you. Not only will you be helping out a local company, but you will also get real advice and experience rather than relying on a website. Making sure you are in a real ergonomic office chair will relieve you of much tension and pain you may be experiencing. Expanding your search to include pre-owned products will open a whole other door for you into what you can get. And lastly, getting a table-top standing desk option will benefit you and encourage a healthy work environment.

Our website has been updated to include items that we have low quantity on that are ideal for smaller home offices. You can find that HERE. When you purchase from us, it comes built out. So, you won’t have to worry about making sure you have all the parts and pieces and trying to keep up with the instructions that no one can understand. We can even set it up in your house for you if you’d like. We also showcase some new order products that have a wide variety of small office options for you, some of which we keep in stock and ready to go!

Suddenly Working At Home? Here Are Some Solutions