Why Choose Standing Desks from Carolina Office Solutions for Your Workplace in Charlotte, NC?

Standing Desks Charlotte NCStanding desks are increasingly popular among businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond. As people learn more about the health problems that can result from sitting for extended periods of time throughout the day, interest has grown in working more while standing. At Carolina Office Solutions, we offer a wide variety of standing desks for you to choose from, so you can easily find the furniture you need to help your employees stay healthy and energized.

We offer the following standing desk options:

  • Fixed-height and adjustable-height desks – Our fixed-height standing desks are a popular choice for conference and meeting areas, while our adjustable-height desks are preferred for individual workspaces. For adjustable desks, you can choose between models with electric- and crank-operated systems that let you raise and lower the work surface between sitting and standing heights.
  • “Hybrid” desks – We are unique in that we can install new desk legs on any of the desk tops in our selection of certified pre-owned COS Ready-to-Go furniture, so you can have a fixed or adjustable standing desk made with the work surface of your choice.
  • Standing desk accessories – We can enhance our standing desks with accessories such as monitor arms and privacy panels to suit the needs of your employees in Charlotte, NC. We also offer mats and chairs that will make it easier for people to use these desks throughout the day.

To determine which type of standing desks will work best for your staff members, schedule a visit to Carolina Office Solutions in Charlotte, NC. We have an expansive, 50,000-square-foot showroom where our friendly sales associates will gladly tell you more about the many options we offer.