Standing Desks for Your Workplace in Asheville, NC

Standing Desks Asheville NCStanding desks are growing in popularity among businesses in Asheville, North Carolina, and beyond that want to help their employees stay healthy and energized throughout the workday. As their name implies, these desks allow people to work while standing for part of the day, so they can avoid the health risks that are associated with prolonged sitting. At Carolina Office Solutions, we offer a wide selection of sit-stand desks, ensuring that you will find ones that have the look and functionality you require for your office in Asheville, NC.

We can supply you with these types of standing desks and more:

  • Fixed-height standing desks for conference and meeting areas
  • Sit-stand desks for individual workspaces
  • Adjustable-height workstations that let each individual in a group setting decide whether they want to sit or stand at any given moment

Another option Carolina Office Solutions offers that you won’t find at many other dealerships is having a “hybrid” standing desk built for your office. We can add adjustable- or fixed-height legs to any preowned desk or tabletop in our selection, so you can have a top that you like repurposed into a fully functional standing desk. We can also add monitor arms and privacy panels, as well as supply you with mats and chairs that can be used with these desks.

To learn more about the standing desks we offer for your workplace in Asheville, North Carolina, contact Carolina Office Solutions today.