Smart Shopping

Pre-Owned, NOT Trash

76055201_4080198cc5_qWhen people think pre-owned they think broken or worn out when in all reality no true business owner wants a reputation of selling defective product. For businesses like Carolina Office Solutions that means selling only high quality pre-owned furniture; you can barely tell they’ve been used.




6355840185_8e1c4d8f11_bWhy do people shop pre-owned?

It’s simple, in today’s economy it’s all about where you can get the most savings with less hassle. Nobody likes buying something and finding out they could have saved hundreds of dollars somewhere else, which is usually the case with buying new vs. Pre-owned Furniture. If you want a new Herman Miller chair that’s going to cost you almost $1,000 with an authorized dealer meanwhile, here at Carolina Office Solutions we sell them as low as $500! Almost half off just because someone sat in the chair before!

You Could Save A Tree

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Not to mention the less desks we have to make the less trees we have to cut. Most trees that are cut are used for either paper or furniture.
Some statistics say that we lose about 3 to 6 billion trees every year. Even if, hypothetically, we were only using 10% of those cut down trees for furniture, that would still be about a half billion trees!


Overall, more people are thrifting and shopping pre-owned because it just makes more sense!

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