Seated Privacy Benching and Cubicles for Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Seated Privacy Charlotte NCWorkspace furniture that provides seated privacy is designed to keep employees engaged with their coworkers while still maintaining some freedom from distraction. If you want to create a work environment in Charlotte, North Carolina, where people can remain focused on the task at hand while still having the option of easy collaboration when needed, Carolina Office Solutions can provide the perfect furniture for you.

We offer seated privacy benching systems, which have low walls in between people on either side of the bench. This furniture is equipped with the following useful features:

  • Attractive laminate, fabric, glass, and whiteboard components that have a sophisticated look
  • Power/data distribution troughs that enable easy connectivity while keeping unsightly cords hidden from view
  • Storage elements that will give your employees in Charlotte, NC, a place to stow things like printers and personal items

In addition to benching systems, we also offer traditional cubicles with a wide variety of wall heights. Compared to benching systems, seated privacy cubicles provide greater privacy because they typically have walls on three sides. In most cases, they also give employees more desk and drawer space.

To determine which type of benching or cubicle system is best suited for your office, contact Carolina Office Solutions and arrange a visit to our expansive showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina. There, we can discuss your business’ unique requirements and show you some of the numerous seated privacy furniture items we have to offer.