Reupholstered Office Furniture from Carolina Office Solutions

Reupholstered Office FurnitureIt’s normal for office furniture to become stained or damaged over the course of its lifespan. Office furniture is commonly subjected to heavy use, and even well-made pieces can wear down over time. Rather than sinking a large investment into buying all new furniture to replace worn items, turn to the furniture reupholstering specialists at Carolina Office Solutions for reupholstered office furniture that looks like new.

Cubicle Walls

Our team does an excellent job of reupholstering the fabric on cubicle walls. We can customize your cubicle walls with any colors that you want. Perhaps you want to have your cubicle walls done in your company’s signature colors. Customizing your cubicles in this way can strengthen your brand identity within your workplace and also add a splash of color to make the space seem livelier.

Task Chairs & Guest Seating

We also redo the upholstery on certain task chairs and guest seating. We can reupholster furniture that you already own, as well as chairs that you find in our selection but would like to update. So, if there are chairs that have colors you don’t like, we can replace them with more neutral colors, such as black or tan, or any other colors or patterns you want.

If you would like to learn more about our furniture reupholstering services, contact Carolina Office Solutions today for a free consultation. We’re proud to help area businesses improve their workplaces and save money with reupholstered office furniture.