The Benefits of Open Plan Office Furniture for Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Open Plan Office Furniture Charlotte NCOpen plan office furniture can help your employees in Charlotte, North Carolina, work together as a team. While traditional cubicles isolate workers and discourage them from starting discussions, collaborative benching systems eliminate these barriers and promote interaction. At Carolina Office Solutions, we offer all of the products and support services you need to create a collaborative workplace where your employees can perform at their peak potential.

We offer a diverse selection of collaborative furniture, which includes new and used benching systems. Some useful features of our benching systems include:

  • Privacy screens – You can choose among fabric, glass, or marker board screens that will provide your employees in Charlotte, NC, with some privacy within the collaborative environment.
  • Durable work surfaces – The furniture’s tough laminate components will resist scratches and remain attractive through the years.
  • Power/data ports – Innovative cord management systems make it easy to connect computers and other technology while keeping the cords concealed from view.
  • Storage elements – Built-in drawers, mobile pedestals, or other storage elements are available on our collaborative furniture.

In addition to benching systems, we also offer meeting tables that provide people a place to collaborate outside of the conference room, and chairs that are suitable for these shared spaces. Because we have arranged these items in our showroom in a way that emulates real work settings, when you visit us (appointments preferred) you will be able to easily envision how the furniture will look in your office.

To learn more about our open plan office furniture, contact Carolina Office Solutions today and schedule a visit to our expansive 50,000-square-foot showroom facility in Charlotte, NC. We look forward to helping you create an attractive and dynamic work environment, as we have for scores of area businesses since our founding in 2000.