Why Choose Modular Workstations for Your Workplace in Charlotte, NC?

Modular Workstations Charlotte NCYou would be wise to choose modular workstations for your office in Charlotte, North Carolina. These workstations have been specially designed to sit side by side, so you can easily add or remove them from your office based on the number of employees you have at a given time. If you want the flexibility that modular workstations provide, turn to Carolina Office Solutions. We are a trusted office furniture dealership that offers a wide variety of new and pre-owned workstations for you to choose from.

Our modular workstations are available with the following useful features:

  • Durable cubicle walls and laminate work surfaces that will retain their attractive appearance through the years
  • Conveniently placed power and data ports that make it easy to connect computers and other technology
  • Lockable drawers that give you storage space and the ability to secure sensitive files
  • Cubicle components that you can easily disassemble and reassemble over the years when you move or reorganize your office in Charlotte, NC
  • A variety of workstation colors and styles to suit your taste

If you need your new workstations on short notice, you are in luck. As part of our COS Ready to Go program, we have prepared all of the used furniture in our showroom facility for immediate use. We have inspected and cleaned it, so we can promptly deliver it to your workplace.

To learn more about the benefits of modular workstations and schedule a visit to our showroom in Charlotte, NC, contact Carolina Office Solutions today.