Minimalist Office Design Is Here To Stay

Workscapes have changed tremendously over the years due to several significant industry disruptors

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Minimalist Office Design Is Here To Stay

Staff 04-25-23

Workscapes have changed tremendously over the years due to several significant industry disruptors. We are more accustomed to a less formal work environment, as we had to adapt to the “Work From Home” culture during Covid. As employers welcome back their staff members post-Covid, in-person work scheduling has become more flexible leading to concepts like touchdown spaces, etc. In addition, computers and digital technology like cloud storage have created a “paperless” office scenario, leading to modern offices no longer needing bulky file storage cabinets to store documents, etc. 

Most employees did not work from home before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, remote or hybrid work quickly became the norm for employers and employees alike. Oftentimes, this was a forced and hurried decision leading to purchasing simple/ inexpensive office furniture. This was also necessary since most folks did not have a designated office or a den and instead had to carve out a workspace in tight quarters. This led to a massive buying trend of non-bulky yet functional furniture. Now with folks returning to their workplace, they have come to prefer a simple office environment. Thanks to these trends, modern office design has taken a minimalist turn. Today, facility and office managers prefer designs that focus on essential elements and avoid bulky and extraneous components. The key to effectively furnishing in a minimalist fashion is to focus on quality and long-lasting office furniture purchases to ensure that less bulky does not mean less durable.

FUN FACT: Even though it may seem paradoxical, minimalist design can increase employee engagement while improving the functionality and visual appeal. Employee engagement being defined as the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job. 

Getting employees back to in-person work has also morphed into a very flexible scenario. Oftentimes, they're not coming back for a full day. Sometimes, in-person work is only on certain days of the week, with the rest virtually. Sometimes, there's a rotational scenario, such as touchdown spaces (a laptop-centric, informal shared setting). To meet these flexible needs, traditional office settings have given way to hybrid working models. Here at Carolina Office Solutions, we offer assistance with office design and layout. We have expanded our expertise to encompass the growing trends and provide you with excellent options to comfortably adapt to these new flexible office scenarios.

NOTE: With the advancement of digitization and the paperless office trend that started over two decades ago, there is less of a need for bulky items, i.e. file storage cabinets. 
Today, for office environments, less is more. Mastering the art of simplicity is the key with minimalist office design becoming increasingly popular. 

If you want to change the look and feel of your office space, contacting Carolina Office Solutions at the start of your design process is always best, however, we also can jump in and help out if you are in a hurry and need new or used furniture quickly. We have a 75,000-square-foot facility with tons of high-quality inventory, at budget friendly prices, ready to ship so that you don't have to wait! Contact us today.

Minimalist Office Design Is Here To Stay