Is Your Office Ready For Summer Vacation?

As of June 21st, summer has officially begun. Now, before you impulsively let your inner kid run you off to a beach somewhere, let’s make sure you’ve tidied up your office space correctly.

The most common mistake people make when tidying up their work space is just throwing things onto a book shelf. In all actuality, a bookcase is supposed to provide easy access to things you use the most. Now, just because a bookshelf is designed to hold books doesn’t mean that that’s all it’s limited to. A bookshelf can be used to add space, and become the main decorative piece in your office. With that being said, if you dread looking at your bookshelf, you’re probably using it the wrong way. Maximize your bookcase’s potential by adding unique book ends, stacking books creatively, and varying the number of items on each shelf to create a look of jumbled perfection. You can also use decorative bins to make your bookshelf more attractive or add frosted glass doors for a cleaner, professional approach. File those random papers laying around into your laterals and put any binders or books that you don’t use as often in a hutch or credenza. Not only will you rid your office of that unsightly yet necessary clutter, you’ll also notice a difference in your dust collection almost immediately. Last but not least, before you set your away messages, don’t forget to organize your tack board. Although you won’t look forward to coming back to work, but at least you will return feeling refreshed, and prioritized.

If you need help organizing or redesigning your work space feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment that includes a showroom tour and consultation. You can also check out our website for some of our New Order Desks for inspiration and also see some of the Pre-Owned Storage Items  that we house right here in our warehouse!

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