Contemporary High Top Tables for Businesses in Charlotte, NC

High Top Tables Charlotte NCHigh top tables are popular among businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and elsewhere because, as sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on our bodies, these tables allow employees to work in a standing position, so they can stretch their legs without skipping a beat during the workday. Studies have shown that there are numerous health risks associated with prolonged sitting. By introducing counter-height tables to your workplace, you can help your employees stay comfortable and healthy. Furthermore, these tables function as additional storage and meeting space, with power and wire management options!

At Carolina Office Solutions, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest industry trends so that we can provide you with the best furniture options for your unique business in Charlotte, NC. With a team of knowledgeable associates, we can help with finding and integrating the perfect counter-height tables into your workplace. We offer a wide variety of standing-height tables for meeting spaces, private offices, training rooms, break rooms, and other work environments. To help ensure that all your requirements are met, we can also:

  • Add adjustable-height legs to virtually any tabletop you find in our selection, so you can have a sit/stand desk in any style you want
  • Install extra shelving on our high top tables, so your employees in Charlotte, NC, will have more room for filing and storage
  • Provide related products such as computer monitor arms, standing mats, and chairs – everything that your employees need to minimize health risks while sitting or standing throughout the day

Contact Carolina Office Solutions today to learn more about our high top tables and the many other styles of office furniture we offer in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.