Furniture Steam Cleaning by Carolina Office Solutions

Furniture Steam CleaningIn a busy office environment, it’s common for upholstered furniture to become stained at some point in time. Rather than simply letting these stains remain an eyesore or spending money to replace the furniture, have the steam cleaning experts at Carolina Office Solutions eliminate the stains using vapor steam cleaning. We can clean upholstered cubicle tiles and chairs, making them look like new. If you have enough furniture that needs cleaning, we can come to your location to do the work, or if you only have a few pieces, they can be brought to our warehouse for service.

There are many reasons to choose our furniture steam cleaning service. For example:

  • This type of cleaning is best left to professionals. It takes experience to know what equipment and cleaning methods to use. If you try to remove the stains yourself, you may end up damaging or discoloring the fabric, making the furniture look worse.
  • Since we sell pre-owned furniture, we have extensive experience removing blemishes from furniture. We regularly receive pieces that have seen their share of scuffs and spills. As part of our COS Ready-to-Go program, all of our used furniture is cleaned to the point of being showroom-presentable.
  • In instances where stains can’t be removed, we can discuss your options for reupholstering your cubicles or office chairs. Through our furniture reupholstering services, we can customize the appearance of your furniture with any color fabric that you want.

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