Fall in Love with Your Office Again

Struggles of finding right office furniture

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Fall In Love With Your Office Again

Staff 02-14-23

Valentine's Day usually means assessing our relationships with the people around us, but oftentimes it fosters reflection not just on the things we love, but also on what we don't. The average office staffer spends about 260+ days per year in the office and a good percentage of their waking hours at work. Business owners, facility managers and office managers struggle with finding the right office furniture. The problem is not only restricted to finding the right pieces, but challenges with poor quality, lack of ergonomic features, unavailability due to supply chain and the cost of new office furniture all contribute to a less than ideal workplace.


Your office space is more than just a place to work – it's an extension of your brand, your corporate culture and it is a reflection of your commitment to the comfort of human resources.


Investing in your office furniture elevates the office space, promotes employee health, improves productivity, boosts employee morale, and more. What often holds back business owners, facility managers, and office managers is the cost of getting new office furniture. According to the latest statistics available, the market value of U.S. office furniture increased by 12.2 percent when compared to the previous year.  This signifies that getting quality office furniture at a reasonable price can be challenging.  This is where Carolina Office Solutions comes in to help you. We believe that “Quality Office Furniture Deserves a Second Chance!Our pre-owned office furniture, which for all intents and purposes looks brand new, might be just what the love doctor ordered this Valentine’s Day. Give your office a complete makeover at a fraction of the cost.


Fall In Love With Your Office Again. Transform it the way you want with Carolina Office Solutions.


Reconfigure your office furniture for less than you ever imagined. Upgrade the quality of your furniture, have longer-lasting furniture, better ergonomic items, and do this all for a lower price from a firm that can provide it to you quickly without supply chain delays. 


“With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry has witnessed a surge in supply chain issues. It's still there now. So many companies do not have the furniture you need in stock. You've got to wait sometimes weeks and months to get items in. Carolina Office Solutions has a 75,000 thousand-square-foot facility, and we've got tons of inventory ready to ship so we can eliminate those supply chain issues for you and get you the items you need right away.”- Craig Dunn, Managing Partner, Carolina Office Solutions.


With more than 20 years of expertise, Carolina Office Solutions can help you make the most of your workplace with quality office furniture. Contact us today for huge savings on office furniture you will absolutely fall in love with.

Fall In Love With Your Office Again