New & Used Ergonomic Office Chair Seating for Businesses in Charlotte, NC

P-673-04 If you want to buy ergonomic office chair products for your office in Charlotte, North Carolina, look no further than Carolina Office Solutions (COS). We offer a wide selection of new and pre-owned ergonomic chairs, giving you ample options as you select chairs for yourself or your employees. What sets these ergonomic office chair products apart from other office chairs is that they have been designed with a focus on safety and comfort. By allowing your staff to sit in ergonomically correct positions, these chairs can help your employees stay healthy and energized throughout the day, and their increased productivity can help your bottom line.
With this in mind, notable features of our ergonomic office chair products include:

  • Adjustable seat and arm heights – Adjustable chairs will allow your employees in Charlotte, NC, to set their seat and armrest heights at the ideal levels for their body types, helping to keep their knees and elbows bent at the proper angles to avoid strain and injury.
  • Lumbar support – When a chair provides the right amount of lumbar support, it will help keep the user’s spine aligned, allowing him or her to breathe easier and maintain a higher level of energy.
  • Tilt control – Chairs that can recline to a comfortable angle will let your employees move their back and shoulders the way they naturally would, preventing stiffness.

These features aside, you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal when you buy ergonomic seating from COS. For starters, because we buy our chairs in bulk, we can offer them to you at reduced prices. Next, our COS Ready To Go chairs on our showroom floor can be tested in person, purchased, and delivered promptly or even picked up the same day you buy them. You won’t have to wait weeks to receive your furniture like you would when purchasing from some other retailers. So, whether you’re outfitting one office or several offices, you can rely on COS to have the chairs and other office furniture you need to get the job done.

To see our wide selection of new and used ergonomic office chair products, contact Carolina Office Solutions today and schedule an appointment to visit our extensive showroom facility in Charlotte, NC.