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Spry MOBILE MARKER BOARD                                                                                      ®
     by OfficeSource®                                                                                            05030

     Constructed of durable lightweight materials, the aluminum
     frame adds style to any presentation or shared work environment.
     Use alone or join together with the optional ganging hardware to
     create a semi-private space. Featuring two locking casters and a
     magnetic surface you can display any important document and
     not worry  about the board moving anywhere. Start sharing ideas
     today with the Spry Mobile Marker Board by OfficeSource.

                                                            Pictured w/Cool Mesh & Variant Collection

                                     MAGNETIC MOBILE
                                     WHITE BOARD
                                     SKU: MWB3366SI
                                     361/4"W x 25"D x 651/2"H          FLAT PLATE
                                     •  2 Locking casters              CONNECTOR
                                     •  Use flat plate connector when   SKU: MWBGHSI
                                       joining more than one board     List: $32.00
                                     List: $1,104.00

                                     •  Durable light weight material
                                     •  Magnetic surface
                                     •  Locking casters                                                  #MWB3366SI (2)
                    #MWB3366SI       •  Use alone or join together                                       + #MWBGHSI (1)

     Spry MOBILE ACRYLIC BOARDS                          COLLECTION
     by OfficeSource®
                                                             •  Locking casters
                                                             •  Use alone or join together
                                                             •  Aluminum frame & legs

                                                              CLEAR ACRYLIC &
                                                              LAMINATE MOBILE PANEL
                                                              SKU: MCLB3672GRY
                                                              36"W x 72"H
                                                              List: $882.00
                                                              CLEAR ACRYLIC &
                                                              LAMINATE MOBILE PANEL
                                                              SKU: MCLB4872GRY    #MCAB4872
                                                              48"W x 72"H         Clear Acrylic Board
                                                              List: $981.00
                                                              CLEAR ACRYLIC    TWO PART            Clear Acrylic w/Charcoal Gray
                                                              MOBILE PANEL     CONNECTOR
                                                              SKU: MCAB3672    SKU: PPPSTRAIGHT
                                                              36"W x 72"H      List: $41.00
                                                              List: $882.00
                                                              CLEAR ACRYLIC      LOWER LAMINATE    #PPPSTRAIGHT
                                                              MOBILE PANEL       FINISH AVAILABLE:
                                                              SKU: MCAB4872
                                                                                                         Gold Stars Indicate
                            Pictured w/Willow & Multi-Purpose Table Collections  48"W x 72"H            Product New for 2021.
                                                              List: $981.00          Charcoal
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