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     Variant COLLECTION                   STORAGE COMPONENTS                    DESIGN YOUR                      05030
     by OfficeSource®                                                              STORAGE



                                                                     Open Hutch (71"Wide)
                     Open Hutch (31 or 36-1/2"Wide)                                  CONSIDER ADDING
        OPEN HUTCH - 31"W        OPEN HUTCH - 36-1/2"W   OPEN HUTCH - 71"W             OPTIONAL DOORS
        PL209OH* - 15"D X 17"H   PL208OH* - 15"D X 17"H  PL2044OH* - 15"D X 17"H  Laminate Finishes In Stock:
        List Price: $365.00      List Price: $396.00     List Price: $667.00     Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Maple, Espresso
        *Doors Not Included      *Doors Not Included     *Doors Not Included     Modern Walnut, Coastal Gray & White


                    Hutch Support   OPEN HUTCH - 15"D x 17"H
                    (PLTLPHS27)     PL1044OH* -71"W      $670.00
           *Hutch Pictured          *Doors & Hutch Supports Not Included
           w/Optional White Laminate
           Doors (2-PL44LD)         Please Note: PL1044OH is Not Compatible With The
                                    Optional Sliding Glass Doors.

                         Pre-Drilled For   HUTCH SUPPORTS (PAIR)
                         Easy Support   PLTLPHS27 -27"H  $302.00
                                    PLTLPHS20 -20"H     $254.00
                                    *Sold & Priced As Pair                            HUTCHES ARE A GREAT WAY
      Laminate Finishes In Stock:   PLTLP27HSGLIDE* (Set of 2) $22.00                    TO STAY ORGANIZED
      Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Maple, Espresso,   *Raises The Height Of The PLTLPHS27 To Be   ADD HUTCH DOORS TO KEEP
      Modern Walnut, Coastal Gray & White  Flush With A Desk Top. Allows PL1044OH To     ITEMS OUT OF SIGHT
      Hutch Support Colors:  Silver, Matte Black  Become Desk Mounted For Use In Benching.  Silver  Matte Black

                                                                  OPTIONAL SILVER FRAMED         OPTIONAL LOCK
                      OPTIONAL LAMINATE DOORS                     GLASS DOORS - (Set of 2)
                      PL41LD - (For PL209 & PL141) (Set of 2)     PL41SGD - (For PL209 & PL141)
                      List Price: $58.00                          PL44SGD - (See Below)
                      PL44LD - (See Below) (Set of 2)             List Price: $278.00 ea.
                      List Price: $61.00                          OPTIONAL SIDING GLASS DOORS
                                                                  PL44SLIDESGD - (2 Door Span)
      Laminate Finishes In Stock: Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Maple,   List Price: $190.00
      Espresso, Modern Walnut, Coastal Gray & White                                             HUTCH DOOR LOCK
                                                                  PL44RAILSI - (Rails For PL144OH/PL2044OH)
       Please Note: All Hutch Door SKUs Beginning With PL44       List Price: $111.00           PLLDLOCK
       Are For PL144OH, PL1044OH & PL208OH, PL2044OH.             PL08RAILSI - (Rails For PL208OH)  List: $44.00 ea.
                                                                                                Finishes In Stock:
            ADD HUTCH DOORS TO CREATE                             List Price: $74.00            SI Silver & BLK Black
            A PRIVATE STORAGE SOLUTION                            Please Note: PL1044OH Are Not Compatible
                                                                  With The Sliding Glass Doors.
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