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Variant COLLECTION                   STORAGE COMPONENTS                   DESIGN YOUR                      05030 ®
         by OfficeSource®                                                              STORAGE

                                                                                   COMBINED STORAGE
              LAMINATE LATERALS                                                  ADDED CABINET TO PEDESTAL
                                            Optional Top Cushion
                                            Optional File Top

                                                   IN STOCK:

                     #PL1012         #PL2013
          PL1012*               PL2013*
          351/2"W x 22"D x 22"H  351/2"W x 22"D x 22"H  Lime Green    #PL1053        #PL1052        #PL1066
          List Price: $959.00   List Price: $581.00                   (PL166/PL175 Required)  (PL166/PL175 Required)  (Mounts On Top Of Pedestal Forming
                                                                                                    Support For Standing Height Leg. )
          *PL1012 & PL2013 - Top Not Included, Requires PL109 Or PL110.
          CABINET & BOOKCASE OPTIONS                Dk. Gray            LAMINATE PEDESTALS + STORAGE
          (FOR PL1012 OR PL2013 - PL109 & PL110 AVAILABLE IN NEW! ANTIMICROBIAL WHITE)  DELUXE FULL PEDESTALS - 151/2"W x 22"D x 281/2"H
          FILE TOP                TOP CUSHION                        PL166 (BOX/BOX/FILE)   PL175 (FILE/FILE)
          PL109 - 351/2"W         CUSH2136**                         List Price: $490.00  List Price: $503.00
          List Price: $168.00     List Price: $332.00
          CREDENZA TOP            **Requires PL109 Or PL110
          PL110 - 71"W (Not Pictured)  Laminate Finishes In Stock:
          List Price: $228.00     Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Maple, Espresso,
                                  Modern Walnut, Coastal Gray & White*
                                     NEW!                           OPEN CABINET
              MINI LEG BASES                    Wood Leg            PL1053 (For PL166, PL175)
          ANGLED WOOD MINI LEGS                 Finishes In Stock:   16"W x 221/2"D x 205/8"H             Mobile Laminate
                                                                                                          Pedestal w/Top Cushion
          PLTAWRLEG - Set of 4                  Coastal Gray, Modern   List Price: $329.00
                                                Walnut & Natural
          List Price: $90.00                                        DOOR CABINET             MOBILE LAMINATE PEDESTAL
          STRAIGHT METAL MINI LEGS              Metal Leg           PL1052 (For PL166, PL175)   PL1007 (Box/File) - Casters Included
          PLTSMRLEG - Set of 4                  Finishes In Stock:   16"W x 221/2"D x 205/8"H  16"W x 221/2"D x 221/2"H
          List Price: $126.00                   Silver & Matte Black  List Price: $413.00 (Reversible)  List Price: $542.00
                                                                                             PEDESTAL TOP CUSHION
              LAMINATE CUBBY                                                                 CUSH1623 (For PL1007)

          SQUARE OPEN CABINET    Stackable                                                   List Price: $176.00
          PL231 (No Door, No Top)                                   PAPER TRAY (2 Paper Slots)
          145/8"W x 133/4"D x 15"H                                  PL1066 (For PL166, PL175)  Laminate Finishes In Stock:
                                                                                             Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Maple,
          List Price: $131.00   NEW!                                Also, can hang from PL units where  Espresso, Modern Walnut, Coastal Gray
          CABINET DOOR SET                                          pedestals can be mounted.   & White*
          PL231LD           LAMINATE TOP      REQUIRES              16"W x 221/2"D x 111/2"H  Upholsteries In Stock:
          • Combination Lock                  METAL MINI LEG        List Price: $229.00      Celestial Blue, Lime Green & Dark Gray
          • 2 AAA Batteries not included  PL231T (Top Only)   (PLTSMRLEG)
          145/8"W x 3/4"D x 143/4"H  145/8"W x 3/4"D x 143/4"H  Laminate Finish
          List Price: $152.00  List Price: $49.00  In Stock: Dark Gray  METAL PEDESTALS
                                                                                                           Includes counter
                                                                                                            weights on all
              METAL LATERALS        TWO DRAWER CABINETS                                                    metal pedestals.
                                    830BF - 30"W x 193/4"D x 20"H
          Please Note:  With Casters or Legs Cabinet Stands 23"H.                                       #CPSBF
                                    List Price: $879.00
                                    836BF - 351/2"W x 193/4"D x 20"H                          MOBILE METAL PEDESTAL
                                    List Price: $962.00                     #CPSBBF           15"W x 22"D x 22 /4"H
                                    836OO - 351/2"W x 193/4"D x 20"H  METAL PEDESTALS  #CPSFF  CPSBF (Box/File) - Casters Included
                                    List Price: $667.00             15"W x 22"D x 263/4"H     List Price: $450.00
                       #830BF w/Casters  Metal Cabinets             CPSBBF (Box/Box/File)     PEDESTAL TOP CUSHION
                                    Finish In Stock: Silver         CPSFF  (File/File)        CUSH1522 (For CPS Peds)
               CHOOSE YOUR METAL CABINET - BASE STYLE               List Price: $506.00 ea.   List Price: $164.00
                                                                    OPTIONAL PEDESTAL         Metal Pedestals Finishes In Stock:
          HEAVY DUTY CASTERS           METAL LEGS                   CASTERS (Set of 4)        Black, Charcoal, Light Gray, Silver &
          83CASTERS  (Set of 4)        83SL (Set of 4)              CPPCASTERS                White. CPSBF (White & Silver Only).
          List Price: $108.00          List Price: $64.00           List Price: $42.00
                                                                                                  Gold Stars Indicate
                                                                                                  Product New for 2021.
                                                                                              DESKS LAMINATE         55
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