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Variant COLLECTION                    BASE COMPONENTS                   DESIGN YOUR                         05030 ®
     by OfficeSource®                                                              DESK

                       UNITE LEGS                         UNITE ADJUSTABLE                 REQUIRED SUPPORTS
                                                 41"H        HEIGHT LEGS


                                                                                            ADJUSTABLE BEAM
                                  41"H Legs Require     Pictured                            (Extends For Desks 48-72"W)
                  281/2"H         Additional PLTADJMDB4872  w/Optional Casters  24-281/2"H  List Price: $135.00
                                  Adjustable Beam                                           PLTADJMDB7896
                                                                                            (Extends For Returns 60-72"W
          UNITE STYLE BASES                                                                 & 48" Bridge Tops)
                                                                                            List Price: $167.00
       Unite Legs available in two heights: 281/2 & 41"H. Also, available with adjustable height base - 24-281/2"H.  ADJUSTABLE BEAM COVER
                                                                                            (Cover To Conceal Adj. Beam
       UNITE LEG BASES         LIST PRICE     UNITE LEG BASES          LIST PRICE           & Hardware For 41"H Only)
       - 28-1/2"H                              - 41"H                                       PLTMDB72C       (NOT PICTURED)
       PLTULEG24  (For 24"D Tops)   $244.00   PLTULEG2441  (For 24"D Tops)   $280.00        List Price: $114.00
       PLTULEG30  (For 30"D Tops)   $254.00   PLTULEG3041  (For 30"D Tops)   $287.00
       PLTULEG36  (For 36"D Tops)   $346.00   PLTULEG3641  (For 36"D Tops)   $378.00
       PLTULEG48  (For (2) 24"D Tops)   $368.00  PLTULEG4841  (For (2) 24"D Tops)  $410.00
       PLTULEG60  (For (2) 30"D Tops)   $389.00  FINISH IN STOCK - UNITE 41"H: Silver
       FINISHES IN STOCK - UNITE 281/2"H:                                                   RETURN BRACKET
       Silver, Matte Black                    UNITE ADJ. HEIGHT LEG BASES   LIST PRICE      PLTRBB
                                              24 - 28-1/2"H                                 (For Adjustable Beams)
                  OPTIONAL CASTERS            PLTULEG2485H  (For 24"D Tops)   $270.00       • Includes (2) PLTFB
                                                                                            List Price: $49.00
                  (For Unite Adj. Height Leg Bases Only)  PLTULEG3085H  (For 30"D Tops)   $325.00
                  List Price: $50.00          Silver, Matte Black
                                                  DESK RISERS                               CONNECTOR BEAM BRACKET
                                                  Desk Riser Used When Using                (For Unite Leg Base) - 1 or 2
                                                  Modular Storage For Support.
                                                                                            Required Depending On Usage.
                                              DESK RISER             LIST PRICE             List Price: $44.00
                                              PLTLP24DR  (For 24"D Tops)     $133.00
                                              PLTLP30DR  (For 30"D Tops)     $157.00
                                                                           For Use With     CONNECTOR BEAM BRACKET
                                                                          Mini Legs - See   PLTCBBEV
                                                                            Page 55.
                                   289/16"H                                                 (Required For Beveled Leg Base)
                                              LOW DESK RISER         LIST PRICE             - 1 or 2 Required Depending On
                                              PLTLDR2430                $129.00   NEW!      Usage. (Silver Only)
                                              • 31/4"H - (For 24"D & 30"D Tops)             List Price: $63.00
                                              FINISHES IN STOCK - RISER: Matte Black, Silver
                                                                                          Please Note:  All Bases Require
       BEVELED LEG BASES        LIST PRICE        OFFSET SQUARE POST LEG                  Beams & Brackets.
       - 28-9/16"H
       PLTLEGBV24   (For 24"D Tops)   $332.00  OFFSET SQUARE LEG                             LEGS, BEAMS & MOUNTS
       PLTLEGBV30   (For 30"D Tops)   $374.00  PLTSQPOSTLEG                                    FINISHES IN STOCK:
       PLTLEGBV36   (For 36"D Tops)   $468.00  List Price: $188.00  281/2"H
       PLTLEGBV48   (For (2) 24"D Tops)  $561.00
       PLTLEGBV60   (For (2) 30"D Tops)  $614.00  Offset Post Legs Are Used For                Silver  Matte Black
                                                   120 Degree Top And Other                           (Excludes 41"H
                                                                                                       Unite Bases)
       FINISHES IN STOCK - BEVELED:               Freestanding/Training Tables.
       Silver, Matte Black                    FINISHES IN STOCK - POST LEG:                        Gold Stars Indicate
                                              Silver, Matte Black                                 Product New for 2021.

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