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NEED SOME EXTRA LIGHT? ADD OUR TASK LIGHTING TO YOUR                                                     ®
         OFFICE SPACE AND BE EFFICIENT EVEN AFTER CLOSING HOURS                                                  05030

        TASK LIGHTING - LED & ENERGY EFFICIENT                                                   LED LIGHT

                                          LED TASK LIGHT
                                          •  Features a basic On & Off switch
                                          •  Extra frosted lens to prevent   #PLEDBUDTL24
                                            unwanted glare
                                          •  Uses LED light instead of
                                             T5 fluorescent light to   24" LED TASK LIGHT  48" LED TASK LIGHT
                                             ensure longevity     SKU: PLEDBUDTL24        SKU: PLEDBUDTL48
                                          •  Includes (2) mounting clips   List: $253.00  List: $378.00
                                            and screws (magnets sold
                                                                                         ENERGY EFFICIENT
      Dimmable                            LED TASK LIGHT
                                          •  Units features Touch Dimmer  #PLEDDIMTL24MAGBLK
                                          •  Includes built in magnet  #PLEDDIMTL48MAGBLK
                                          •  Packaged with 10'
                                             power cord
                                          •  AC100V-240V, 12W, 4000K  24" ENERGY EFFICIENT   48" ENERGY EFFICIENT
                                                                  LED TASK LIGHT W/DIMMER  LED TASK LIGHT W/DIMMER
                                              Dimmable            SKU: PLEDDIMTL24MAGBLK  SKU: PLEDDIMTL48MAGBLK
     Hutch w/Light                                                List: $291.00           List: $402.00

         LED PUCK LIGHT KIT Ideal for Hutches & Bookcases              FLEX USB LIGHT       Ideal for Desktops,
                                                                                            Laptops, & Tablets

                                                                                          FLEX USB LIGHT W/DIMMER
                                                                                          SKU: USBDIM49
                                                                                          •  TPU + silicone
                                                                                          3/4"W x 1/4"D x 63/4"L
                                                                                          List: $35.00
                                                                                          Colors In Stock: BLK Black, ORG
                                                                                          Orange, WHT White, BLU Blue

                                                                                            Light & Compact
                                                                                               LED Light

                                                                       BAG HOOK Mounts Below Work Surface

                                                                                   WORK SURFACE ACCESSORY HOOK
                                                                                   SKU: PLTBH
                                                                                   • Padding inside to prevent surface scratches
                                                                                   List: $30.00
                                                                                   Colors In Stock: Silver, Black
       SUPER SLIM LED PUCK LIGHT KIT                                           #PLTBH
       SKU: OSF3300 (3-PACK)                                                   Silver
       SKU: OSF6600 (6-PACK)
       •  DC12V, 3.6 WATT, CR190 +240Lm
       •  1 Cable two ways out, length 12"
       •  12W plug-in driver x 1 piece length 60"
       •  In-line on/off switch
       •  3 port AMP adapter            #OSF33000
       •  Cable length 40"
       (3-PACK) List: $167.00                                          #PLTBH
       (6-PACK) List: $310.00              Efficient &                 Black
                                         Easy To Install
       Color In Stock: Black                                           Slides onto work surfaces
                                                                         that are 1" Thick.

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