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            KEYBOARD SYSTEMS                                                                                        05030

                                                                        SLIDE-OUT                 SPRING ASSIST SYSTEM
                                                                        KEYBOARD SYSTEM           SKU: OSF600BLK
                                                                        SKU: OSF500BLK            •  Includes MDF keyboard & mouse
                                                                        •  Includes MDF keyboard & mouse   tray with molded PU palm rest
                                                                          tray with molded PU palm rest  •  MDF teardrop mouse tray
                                                                        •  Slides lock in fully extended     with swivel
                                                                          position to prevent keyboard tray   •  21" Track
                                                                          moving during use       Keyboard Tray: 20"W x 11"D
                                                                        •  MDF teardrop mouse tray   Mouse Tray: 71/2"W x 81/2"D
                                                                          with swivel             List: $208.00
                                                                        Keyboard Tray: 20"W x 11"D
         #OSF500BLK                                         #OSF600BLK  Mouse Tray: 71/2"W x 81/2"D
                                                                        List: $142.00
                                                                        LIFT & LOCK W/TEAR DROP   LIFT & LOCK SYSTEM
                                                                        SKU: OSF710BLK            W/SLIDE-OUT & SWIVEL
                                                                        •  Includes MDF keyboard & mouse   SKU: OSF800BLK
                                                                          tray with gel palm rest  •  Includes MDF keyboard & mouse
                                                                        •  MDF teardrop mouse tray    tray with molded PU palm rest
                                                                          with swivel             •  MDF square sliding mouse tray;
                                                                        •  21" Track               mouse tray slides out either left
                                                                        Keyboard Tray: 20"W x 11"D    or right; swivels
                             #OSF710BLK                     #OSF800BLK  Mouse Tray: 71/2"W x 81/2"D  •  8" Front-to-back distance
                                                                        List: $297.00             •  21" Track
                                                                                                  Keyboard Tray: 201/2"W x 11"D
                 Keyboard System Color In Stock: Black                                            Mouse Tray: 71/4"W x 8"D
                                                                                                  List: $374.00

        The NanoArm™ Keyboard mechanism is designed for applications that require minimal track length and
        maximum retraction. Ideal for height adjustable tables with a cross member as little as 9" from front edge
        of your work surface. When combined with our NanoTray™, it will fully retract on the standard 8" track.
             KEYBOARD SYSTEM     NEW!      Color In Stock: Black
             SKU: OSF6500                                                                                  #OSF6500
             Keyboard Tray: 28"W x 63/4"D
             Mouse Tray: 71/2"W x 81/2"D             Works Great With Our StandUp Collection
             List: $440.00                  Making Your Time Spent At Your Desk Easier & Efficient

            CENTER DRAWER                          WOBBLE BOARD Anti-Fatigue Balancing Surface


        SKU: CDR1BLK                           SKU: AF1822RBK
        211/4"W x 161/4"D x 2"H                • Anti-fatigue mat on top with   Durable,
        List: $107.00                            15mm thickness            Plastic Base
        Features Include:                      • Non-slip top surface
        •  Ball bearing suspension             • Plastic dome base
        •  Built in pencil tray                221/4"W x 181/8"D x 231/32"H
        •  Low profile design                  List: $231.00                  Enhancing Employee Lifestyles
        Color In Stock: Black                  Color In Stock: Black (Only)        One Wobble At A Time

                                                            Gold Stars Indicate   ACCESSORIES   TECHNOLOGY          253
                                                            Product New for 2021.
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