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     Storage & Wardrobe CABINETS by OfficeSource®

                                                                                                   OPTIONAL DOOR
                                                                                                 TEMPERED GLASS
                                                                                                 FRAMED HUTCH DOOR
                                                                                                 W/SILVER FRAME
                                                                                                 SKU: PL150151SGD
                                                                                                 • (For PL150 & PL151)
                                                                                                 List: $336.00
                                                                                                 Please Note: 1 Per Box, Order 2
                                                                                                 For Complete Coverage On PL151.
                                                                                                 TEMPERED GLASS
                                                                                                 FRAMED HUTCH DOOR
                                                                                                 W/SILVER FRAME
                                                                                                 • (Set of 2)
                                                                                                 SKU: PL152SGD (For PL152)
                                                                                                 List: $551.00 each set

                                                                                    Hinged To Open
                                                                                    Right Or Left  Some items in this collection
                                                    #PL207                                          come ready-to-assemble.
                                             DOUBLE DOOR         WARDROBE CABINET    PERSONAL WARDROBE
                                             CABINET             SKU: PL207          STORAGE CABINET
       FINISHES WITH                         SKU: PL151          • Adjustable shelves, coat rod  SKU: PL150
        STANDARD                             • Four adjustable shelves  • 2 Vertical drawers  • Adjustable shelf & coat rod
      PULLS IN STOCK:                        351/2"W x 22"D x 651/2"H  241/4"W x 233/4"D x 651/2"H  173/4"W x 233/4"D x 651/2"H
                                             List: $1,222.00     List: $1,770.00     List: $938.00
                         PL151 w/(2) PL150151SGD
                                                                      STORAGE COMBINATIONS
                     2 DRAWER LATERAL FILE
      Cherry w/Black Pulls
                     SKU: PL112
                     • Removable top
                     • Letter or legal
                     • Fully assembled
     Mahogany w/Black Pulls  351/2"W x 22"D x 291/2"H
                     List: $880.00

                     OPEN HUTCH
      Honey w/Black Pulls  SKU: PL153
                     • Two adjustable shelves
                     351/2"W x 14"D x 36"H
                     List: $428.00
      Maple w/Black Pulls
                     DOUBLE DOOR
                     SKU: PL152
                     • Two adjustable shelves
     Espresso w/Silver Pulls  351/2"W x 22"D x 371/4"H  #PL152
                     List: $740.00            w/PL153               #PL112                 #PL152SGD
                                                                             OPTIONAL DRAWER PULLS
       Modern Walnut
        w/Silver Pulls
                                            Utility Drawer
                                          STORAGE BUFFET
          Coastal Gray                    SKU: PL172         SILVER PULL   BLACK PULL
        w/Silver Pulls                    • One small drawer; two doors  PLPULLHLNI  PLPULLHLBL
                                          • Doors have locks  List: $29.00 ea.  List: $29.00 ea.  MODERN  MODERN PULL
                                          351/2"W x 22"D x 373/4"H         RECT. PULL   METRO PULL    PLPULLBAR
                                          List: $1,197.00                  PLPULLRSI    PLPULLCYL     Silver, Graphite or Black
      *White w/Silver Pulls                                                List: $34.00 ea.  Silver, Graphite or Black List: $38.00 ea.
        (Select SKUs)                                                                   List: $29.00 ea.

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