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® ®
                                               Patriot File - AMERICAN MADE                      The best records protection you can buy.
                                                                                                 The best records protection you can buy.
                                               The economical solution for protecting your business. Priced for today’s economy yet
                                               features FireKing® Internationals signature integrity and high quality, and has been   ® ® ® ®
                                               awarded the prestigious UL class 350° one hour 1700 degree fire rating with impact.   FINISHES
                                               File folders not included. 10 Year Limited Warranty.          IN STOCK: ® ®
                                               4 DRAWER FILE - LETTER      4 DRAWER FILE - LEGAL
                                               SKU: QS4P1831C              SKU: QS4P2131C                          ® ®
                                               173/4"W x 319/16"D x 523/4"H  203/4"W x 319/16"D x 523/4"H    BLK Black
                                               Weight: 603 lbs.            Weight: 664 lbs.
                                               List: $3,264.00             List: $3,445.00                         ® ® ® ®

                                               4 DRAWER FILE - LETTER/LEGAL   * Please Note:                PA Parchment
                                               SKU: QS4P1825C              2 Drawer Files Also
                                               173/4"W x 25"D x 523/4"H    Available Through   ICON KEY
                                               Weight: 508 lbs.
                                               List: $2,840.00
                                               Finishes In Stock:                                     30ft impact rated
                                               Parchment & Black                                      Designed to withstand
                                                                                                       a 30 foot drop

         UL 1- Hour TURTLE FILES

         Each and every highly-durable fire rated file cabinet has been meticulously designed and tested to offer the
         highest quality asset protection, coupled with flexible filing capabilities for your most important legal or letter-
         sized documents. Two person delivery required. File folders not included. Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.
         Finishes In Stock: Parchment, Arctic White & Black
         SKU: QS2R1822C               SKU: QS4R1822C
         173/4"W x 221/8"D x 273/4"H  173/4"W x 221/8"D x 523/4"H
         Weight: 251 lbs.             Weight: 435 lbs.
         List: $1,441.00              List: $2,490.00

                                        1/2 hr ETL rating                                                    #4R1822C
                                30ft impact rated  Verified to protect   Drawer
                                         hard drives, CDs,
                                Designed to withstand   DVDs flash drives,   Detail
                                 a 30 foot drop  thumb drives from
                                         exposure to heat
                                         for 30 minutes
                                             1-Hour FIRE RESISTANT STORAGE CABINETS
                                             FireKing®’s durable Fire Rated Storage   Finish In Stock: Parchment
                                             Cabinets with adjustable shelves are designed   STORAGE CABINET   STORAGE CABINET
                                             specifically to protect your oversized   SKU: QSCF7236D  SKU: QSCF4436D
                                             documents, binders, end-tab filing and other   • 4 Adjustable shelves  • 2 Adjustable shelves
                                             invaluable items. Each and every cabinet is   36"W x 191/4"D x 72"H  36"W x 191/4"D x 44"H
                                             manufactured in the USA and comes with a   Weight: 892 lbs.  Weight: 620 lbs.
                                             UL 1-Hour Class 350 Fire Rating.  List: $6,446.00       List: $4,341.00
                                                                               STORAGE CABINET       STORAGE CABINET
                                                                               W/END-TAB FILING      W/END-TAB FILING
                                                                               SKU: QSCF7236MD       SKU: QSCF4436MD
                                                                               • 6 Fixed shelves     • 3 Fixed shelves
                                                                               36"W x 191/4"D x 72"H  36"W x 191/4"D x 44"H
                                                                               Weight: 948 lbs.      Weight: 698 lbs.
                                                                               List: $7,653.00       List: $4,924.00

                                                                                                        QS = QUICKSHIP

                                                               STORAGE   FIRE RESISTANT & INSULATED FILES           239
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