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        Steel Lateral File COLLECTION by OfficeSource®                        NEW!                                  05030

        •  Precision ball-bearing suspension allows drawers to open and close smoothly
        •  All lateral file cabinets include an interlock system that allows only one drawer to open at a time to
          prevent tipping over
        •  Adjustable leveling glides for positioning on uneven surfaces                                 BIFMA/ANSI
        •  Core-removable locks allow for simple replacement of existing locks
        •  File hang rails are included in all lateral file cabinets; magnetic label holders
        •  Premium construction with high-quality steel and durable components that will withstand everyday use
        •  Powder coat finish; monochromatic handles

                                       Base Construction

                                                                      Roll-Out Binder
                                                                   Storage & Posting Shelf

               In Light Gray
                                   #OSL3DRW36                              #OSL2DRW306
                                   In Putty                                In Black
                                                                                                            In Black
                                                                                             Gold Stars Indicate
         30"WIDE – LATERAL FILES   36"WIDE – LATERAL FILES   42"WIDE – LATERAL FILES        Product New for 2021.
         2 DRAWER                  2 DRAWER                  2 DRAWER
         LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE
         SKU: QSOSL2DRW30          SKU: QSOSL2DRW36          SKU: QSOSL2DRW42
         30"W x 185/8"D x 28"H     36"W x 185/8"D x 28"H     42"W x 185/8"D x 28"H
         List: $1,263.00           List: $1,336.00           List: $1,439.00
         3 DRAWER                  3 DRAWER                  3 DRAWER
         LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE
         SKU: QSOSL3DRW30          SKU: QSOSL3DRW36          SKU: QSOSL3DRW42
         30"W x 185/8"D x 401/4"H  36"W x 185/8"D x 401/4"H  42"W x 185/8"D x 401/4"H
         List: $1,585.00           List: $1,707.00           List: $1,816.00
         4 DRAWER                  4 DRAWER                  4 DRAWER
         LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE
         SKU: QSOSL4DRW30          SKU: QSOSL4DRW36          SKU: QSOSL4DRW42
         30"W x 185/8"D x 521/2"H  36"W x 185/8"D x 521/2"H  42"W x 185/8"D x 521/2"H    #OSL5DRW30
         List: $1,867.00           List: $2,020.00           List: $2,148.00
                                                                                               FINISHES AVAILABLE:
         5 DRAWER                  5 DRAWER                  5 DRAWER
         LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE              LATERAL FILE            QSBLK Black  QSGRY Light Gray  QSPTY Putty
         SKU: QSOSL5DRW30          SKU: QSOSL5DRW36          SKU: QSOSL5DRW42
         30"W x 185/8"D x 675/8"H  36"W x 185/8"D x 675/8"H  42"W x 185/8"D x 675/8"H                        QS = QUICKSHIP
         List: $2,543.00           List: $2,734.00           List: $2,915.00         QSCHR Charcoal  QSMDT Medium Tone
                                                                                                 (42"Wide Files Only)
                                                                              STORAGE   STEEL LATERAL FILES         237
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