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                                       Luna COLLECTION                                                              05030
                                       by OfficeSource®                                                   Adjustable
                                                 MID BACK MESH CHAIR WITH                               Support Moves
                                                 TWO-TONE FRAME & ALUMINUM BASE                           To Fit Your
                                                 SKU: 88222AGRY                                             Needs
                                                 Overall: 279/16"W x 24"D x 467/8-5131/32"H
                                                 Seat: 1823/32"W x 161/8-181/8"D x 181/2-201/2"H
                                                 List: $1,305.00
                                                 FUNCTIONS:  Pneumatic Seat Height, 360-Degree
                                                 Swivel, Tilt Lock, Tilt Tension, Synchronous Control,
                                                 Lumbar Adjustment, Height Adjustable Arms
                                                 8822AGRY - UPHOLSTERY IN STOCK:
                                                 Gray Mesh Back (PER-M60)             CHAIR
                                                 w/Black Fabric Seat (PER-F58)         BACK

                                                 •  Synchronized back & seat with
                                                   five back positions            LUNA
                                                 •  Larger backrest angles for max   IN STOCK:
                                                 •  High density foam                                          Arm Rest
                                                 •  Consistent lumbar support follows                           Height
               #88222AGRY                          your waist all times                                         & Pivot
                                                                               GRY Gray Mesh                  Adjustments
                                                 •  3D Armrest with functions: height   Back (PER-M60)
                                                   and pivot adjustments      w/Black Fabric Seat

                                Remark COLLECTION                      Elle COLLECTION                  NEW!
                                by OfficeSource®                       by OfficeSource®                COLLECTION

                                           ALL MESH TASK CHAIR                              Synchro
                                           W/BLACK OR WHITE FRAME
                                           SKU: 20621                                       Mechanism
                                           Overall: 263/4"W x 26"D x 371/2-411/4"H
                                           Seat: 193/4"W x 17"D x 171/2-211/4"H
                                           List: $1,049.00

                                           FUNCTIONS: Swivel/Tilt Control, Pneumatic
                                           Seat Height, 360 Degree Swivel
                                           ALUMINUM BASE OPTION
                                           SKU: 44BASE
                                           List: $172.00                                                   CHAIR FRONT

                                                                      MESH CHAIR
                                                                      W/ALUMINUM BASE                     CHAIR BACK
                          REMARK                SEAT UNDERSIDE        SKU: SXEM4AAS24122131
                    UPHOLSTERIES IN STOCK:
                                                                      Overall: 255/8"W x 245/8-34"D x 323/4-431/2"H  ELLE UPHOLSTERY
                                                                      Seat: 20"W x 20-34"D x 17-221/5"H    IN STOCK:
                                                                      List: $901.00
                                                                     FUNCTIONS:  360 Degree Swivel,
           GRY Gray Mesh  GRY Gray Mesh  BLU Light Blue Mesh                                              BLK Black Mesh
           w/Black Frame  w/White Frame  w/White Frame               Pneumatic Seat Height, Tilt Lock, Tilt   (SX-Y-001)
            (PER-M114)   (PER-M114)    (PER-M116)                    Tension, Synchro Mechanism
                                                                                               SEATING   MESH       209
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