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Corpo COLLECTION                                                                                              ®
     by OfficeSource®                                                                                            05030

                              Optional                            MESH HIGH BACK TASK CHAIR            MATCHING
                              Headrest                            W/BLACK FRAME                      HEADREST OPTION!
                              (Black Only)
                                                                  SKU: 138YMA78VNS
                                                                  Overall: 271/2"W x 271/2"D x 375/8-455/8"H  Height
                                                                  Seat: 191/4"W x 171/4"-187/8"D x 177/8-213/4"H  Adjustable
                                                                  List: $582.00

                                                                  FUNCTIONS: Self Adjusting Body  Weight Control
                                                                  Mechanism, Pneumatic Seat Height, Adjustable
                                                                  Back/Seat,  Sliding  Seat,  Height  Adjustable  Arms,
                             Ratchet                              Arm Pads Adjust Forward & Backward + Swivel,
                             Back                                 Adjustable Lumbar Support, Ratchet Back, Multi-
               Navy Blue                                          Position Tilt Lock, Class 4 Gas Cylinder
                                                                                                        Available in
                                                                                                     Black Upholster Only

                           Lumbar                                            3-Way Adjustable       (For 138YMA78VBLK)
                           Support                                           Armrest

               Royal Blue
                              Seat Slider                                                              List: $68.00
                                                                                                   (Available in Black Only)
                                                                               Body Weight
                             "Donati" Mechanism                                Tension Control
                             (Synchro Multi-Tilt)

                                  Black Base



                                             Exclusive Corpo Feature
                                        The High End "Donati" Mechanism

                 Snowy         The "Donati" mechanisms have
                                every individual component
                               planned, created, and checked
         When Selecting        in Italy to guarantee the quality
       Chair, Please Choose       of the final product.
            Seat Color          Everything from research and
                               development to production of                   Lumbar support can be   Height adjustable pivoting
                                each device is done in Italy!                 conveniently adjusted by   arms featuring arm pads that
                                                                              side knobs while in chair  move forward & backward as
                                                                                                       well as swivel
                                       CORPO & AGILE COLLECTION - UPHOLSTERIES IN STOCK:

       Fabric Seat: Black  Fabric Seat: Navy Blue   Fabric Seat: Royal Blue   Fabric Seat: Orange   Fabric Seat: Green   Fabric Seat: Red   Fabric Seat: Snowy
         (MER-BL418)     (MER-BL412)     (MER-BL415)     (MER-BL405)     (MER-BL411)    (MER-BL402)     (MER-BL416)
     200 SEATING   MESH
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