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         Willow COLLECTION                      NEW!                                                                05030
         by OfficeSource®                     COLLECTION

                                                                              Sleek & Modern with comfort in mind.  The
                                                                              low back molded foam upholstered seat and
                                                                              minimalist footrest provide support while sitting.
                                                                              Floor protectors on the frame bottom prevent
                                                                              damage to your wood or tile floors.

                                                                              CAFÉ HEIGHT, BISTRO STOOL
                                                                              W/BLACK STEEL BASE
                                                                              SKU: 06WI2JLS
                                                                              Overall: 2111/16"W x 2211/16"D x 38"H
                                                                              Seat: 191/8"W x 163/16"D x 303/8"H
                                                                              List: $446.00

                                                                                        WILLOW UPHOLSTERIES STOCK:

                         #06WI2JLS                  #06WI2JLS                     BLU Blue      GRY Gray     GRN Green

          Bell COLLECTION by OfficeSource®                            STOOL W/FOOTRING - 2915/16"H  STOOL W/FOOTRING - 251/4"H
                                                                      SKU: 398SBLK               SKU: 396SBLK
                                                                      Overall: 241/2"W x 241/2"D x 2915/16"H  Overall: 24"W x 24"D x 251/4"H
                                   Black, Plastic Seating             Seat: 141/4"W x 141/4"D x 2915/16"H  Seat: 141/4"W x 141/4"D x 251/4"H
                                   Compliments Unique Bell Glides     List: $166.00              List: $155.00
                                                                      STOOL - 195/16"H
                                                                      SKU: 394SBLK
                                                                      Overall: 193/4"W x 193/4"D x 195/16"H  STOOL OPTION
                                                                      Seat: 141/4"W x 141/4"D x 191/4"H  (For Bell Collection)
                                                                      List: $103.00

                                                                                                         (Set Of 4)
                                                                             BELL -  COLOR
                                                                               IN STOCK:
                                                                                                    OPTIONAL CASTERS
                                                                                                    SKU: 2700CASTERS
                                                                                                         (Set Of 4)
                                                                                                       List: $45.00
             #398SBLK                                                          BLK Black
                                 #396SBLK             #394SBLK

                                                        Juniper COLLECTION

                                                        by OfficeSource®

                                                        VINYL STOOL
                                                        W/CHROME BASE
                                                        SKU: C7C1BLK
                                                        Overall: 141/2"W x 141/2"D x 30"H
                                                        Seat: 141/2"W x 141/2"D x 30"H  UPHOLSTERY
                                                        List: $283.00                IN STOCK:
                                                        Please Note:  Stool Priced Per
                                                        Chair, But Sold 2 Per Carton.

                                                                                      BLK Black
                                                                                     (HOL-BLKVYL)              #C7C1BLK
                                                                Gold Stars Indicate
                                                                Product New for 2021.
                                                                                              SEATING STOOLS        191
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