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         Sleek STOOL by OfficeSource®                                                                               05030

                                                                            Rise STOOL by OfficeSource®

                                                                                      POLYURETHANE STOOL         RISE
                                                                                      W/FOOTREST &             IN STOCK:
                                                                                      CHROME BASE
                                                                                      SKU: 3085STOOL
                                                                                      Overall: 20"W x 23"D x 433/4"H
                                                                                      Seat: 18"W x 17"D x 29"H  BLK Black
                                                                                      List: $267.00
                                           SLEEK                                                               WHT White
                                           COLOR                              29"H                              (PER-A14)
                                          IN STOCK:
                      30 ⁄ 3"H
                                                                                                              BLU Light Blue
                                        BLK Black Fabric                                                        (PER-A06)
                                                                                       #3085DOLLY              NAV Navy
                                   FABRIC GUEST STOOL                                 CHAIR DOLLY (BLACK)
                                   W/ARMS & BLACK FRAME                #3085STOOL     SKU: 3085DOLLY
                #2994BLK           SKU: 2994BLK                                       (For 3085STOOL)
                                   Overall: 251/5"W x 263/8"D x 441/2"H  Easy To      223/4"W x 25"D  x 12"H
                                   Seat: 181/2"W x 189/10"D x 301/3"H  Clean          List: $132.00
                                   List: $387.00

         Bleecker Street COLLECTION
         by OfficeSource®

            NEW!           Innovative and functional designs perfect
             FINISH        for the contemporary breakroom.  Modern
                           bentwood seat chair that follows the shape of
                           the user's back, giving optimal comfort. Heavy-
                           gauge steel bases with footrest on stools.

                                                                 CAFÉ HEIGHT, HIGH BACK
                                                                 WOOD STOOL, HAND HOLE
                                                                 IN BACK W/CHROME BASE
                                                                 SKU: ST198
                                                                 Overall: 17"W x 221/2"D x 443/8"H
                                                                 Seat: 17"W x 171/4"D x 291/2"H
                                                                 List: $468.00
         #ST198                       #ST197
                                                                 CAFÉ HEIGHT, LOW BACK
                                                                 WOOD STOOL W/CHROME BASE
                        BLEECKER - FINISHES  IN STOCK:           SKU: ST197
                                                                 Overall: 18"W x 221/2"D x 341/2"H
                                                                 Seat: 161/2"W x 18"D x 291/2"H
                                                                 List: $468.00
           WHT White   MW Modern Walnut  NEW!       ES Espresso
                                     CG Coastal Gray
                                                                                              SEATING STOOLS        189
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