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         Alabaster COLLECTION                        NEW!                                                           05030

         by OfficeSource®                           COLLECTION

         SKU: MFAS92NA
         Overall: 173/4"W x 18"D x 433/4-483/8"H
         Seat: 173/4"W x 18"D x 24-283/4"H
         List: $519.00
        FUNCTIONS: Pneumatic Seat Height, 360 Degree Swivel,           Gray Vinyl
        Class 4 Gas Cylinder                                           Upholstery      CHAIR PROFILE      CHAIR BACK

                FEATURES                Polypropylene
                                        Back Shell
         •  Sturdy handle for moving chair
           around while also doubling as a                                            Great For
           coat & bag hanger                                                        Laboratories,
         •  Matching task stool complements                                          Classrooms,
           the task chair to complete any lab or                                    Administrative
           administrative set-up
                                        Chrome                                        & Medical
         •  Durable, five-star N3 black base  Metal
                                        Footring                                    Environments        PURSE/BACKPACK
              UPHOLSTERY IN STOCK:

                                                                                     Black N3
                                                                                     Base w/Glides
                                                                                                        Gold Stars Indicate
                  GRY Gray Vinyl                                  #MFAS92NA                            Product New for 2021.

         Martini COLLECTION by OfficeSource®

         NEUTRAL SPINE – The 135º open hip angle helps to rock the pelvis forward, creating
         a neutrally  stacked lumbar. This serves as the foundation of a healthy spine posture.
         PLAYFULLY FUNCTIONAL – Martini combines both play and function, for various
         types of spaces. Ideal for cafe areas, break room & gathering spaces.
         AUTO BALANCING – Martini regains neutral upright position when not in use.

         SKU: 307BNAA00Y
         Overall: 153/4"W x 153/4"D x 2313/16-331/2"H
         Seat: 15"W x 143/16"D x 2313/16-331/2"H
         List: $384.00

                                                                                                   • Sturdy handle for moving
               Hidden Gas Spring                                                                     chair around.
               Control Mechanism

                                                                                                   • Seat height buttons easily
                  MARTINI                                                                            access under the seat.
                 UPHOLSTERY                                                                          Height is controlled by a
                  IN STOCK:                                                                          gas spring which is
                                                                                                     hidden by a cylindrical
                                                                                                     cover to give Martini a
                                                                                                     single continuous form.
                  SNO Snowy

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