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     Medical STOOL by OfficeSource®                                                                              05030

                                       TASK STOOL W/FOOTRING &        Effort COLLECTION
                                       CHROME BASE
                                       SKU: 6801FPFR                  by OfficeSource®
                                       Overall: 243/4"W x 27"D x 43"-461/2"H
                                       Seat: 193/4"W x 19"D x 261/2"-30"H   Deluxe Posture
                                       List: $643.00                        Seating & Support

                                       FUNCTIONS:  Pneumatic Seat
                                       Height, 360-Degree Swivel
                                          IN STOCK:

                                                              BLACK LEATHER ARMLESS                       Seat Height:
                          Seat Height:                        DELUXE POSTURE CHAIR                        261/2 -311/2"H
                          261/2 -30"H     BLK Black           W/FOOTRING & BLACK FRAME
                                        Antimicrobial Vinyl   SKU: 316FR
                                         (NOR-FP215AM)        Overall: 25"W x 25"D x 441/2-491/2"H
                                                              Seat: 20"W x 18"D x 261/2-311/2"H
                                                              List: $347.00
                                          CHAIR OPTION
                                         (For 316FR & 6801FPFR)  FUNCTIONS:  Pneumatic Seat
                                         SOFT CASTER KIT      Height, 360-Degree Swivel,                  #316FR
                                                              Back Depth Adj.
                                         SKU: NORCASTER                                                   (Consists Of
                                           List: $48.00                                                   316 & FRKIT)
                                                              EFFORT - UPHOLSTERY
                                                                   IN STOCK:
           #6801FPFR                     STOOL OPTION                                   CHAIR OPTION
                              NEW!      (For 316FR & 6801FPFR)                             (For 316FR)
                                                                                             ARM KIT
            Antimicrobial                  OPTIONAL GLIDES         BLK Black                 SKU: B909JARM
                                           SKU: NORGLIDES
                                                                 Bonded Leather
          Healthcare Grade                 (Set of 5)           (NOR-LTHRPLUSBLK)            Height/Width
            Vinyl Seating                  List: $111.00                                     Adjustable - Black
                                                                                             List: $111.00

                                    MEDICAL STOOL (WITH BACKREST)  MEDICAL STOOL
                                    W/POLISHED CHROME BASE       W/POLISHED CHROME BASE
                                    SKU: 345FPBLK                SKU: 343FPBLK
                                    Overall: 25"Dia x 331/2-391/2"H  Overall: 25"Dia x 201/2-261/2"H
                                    Seat: 16"Dia x 201/2-261/2"H  Seat: 16"Dia x 201/2-261/2"H
                                    List: $334.00                List: $279.00

                                    FUNCTIONS:  Pneumatic Seat   FUNCTIONS:  Pneumatic Seat
                                    Height, 360-Degree Swivel   Height, 360-Degree Swivel

                                                               345FPBLK &
                                                              UPHOLSTERY                            Seat Height:
     Seat Height:                Special Vertical Height       IN STOCK:                            201/2 -261/2"H
     201/2 -261/2"H
                                 Range Of Six Inches

                                                                BLK Black
                                                              Antimicrobial Vinyl

                                           Healthcare Grade Vinyl is treated with an antimicrobial additive that works to repel microbes
                                           and prevent odors from becoming lodged in your waiting room furniture. The antimicrobial
                                           chemicals are designed to be released over time so that the vinyl will offer a consistent level
                                           of protection for the life of the furniture. You won’t have to worry about your waiting room   Gold Stars Indicate
                                           furniture becoming more susceptible to microbes over time.  Product New for 2021.
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