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                              L SHAPE TYPICAL                                                        SIMPLE TYPICAL
                              SKU: SIENNA2                                                           SKU: SIENNA3
                              TOTAL LIST: $4,646.00                                                  TOTAL LIST: $2,724.00
                           Includes:  OX9170(2), OX9180(2),                                       Includes:  OX903, OX956, OX9WD56,
                           OX9WDSD80(2), OX9DRW80(2), OX9MP01(2)                                  OX954(2), OX9WD54(2)
                           Excludes Seating & Accessories.                                        Excludes Seating & Accessories.
                                                          Sienna COLLECTION

                                                          by OfficeSource®

                                                          BOOKCASE             LAMINATE DOOR KITS    GLASS DOOR KITS
                                   CONFERENCE TYPICAL     (No Doors)
                                   SKU: SIENNA4                                (For Bookcases) - 2 Doors  (For Bookcases) - 2 Doors
                                                                                                     w/Black Frame
                                   TOTAL LIST: $1,323.00  SKU: OX956           SKU: OX9WD56
                                Includes:  OX9236         311/2"W x 173/4"D x 65"H  (For OX956)      SKU: OX9GD56
                                Excludes Seating & Accessories.  List: $661.00  291/2"W x 3/4"D x 60"H  (For OX956)
                                                                               List: $332.00         291/2"W x 3/4"D x 59"H
                                                          SKU: OX954                                 List: $740.00
                 FEATURES                                 311/2"W x 173/4"D x 291/2"H  SKU: OX9WD54
                                                          List: $365.00        (For OX954)
          •  Durable and sturdy construction                                   311/2"W x 3/4"D x 243/8"H
                                                                               List: $167.00
          •  Mid-Century Modern sleek and elegant design
          •  Wire management grommet in conference table
          •  Available in two beautiful laminate finishes

                 FINISHES IN STOCK:

                                                 94" BOAT SHAPE             42" ROUND             CREDENZA
                                                  CONFERENCE TABLE          MEETING TABLE         (w/BBF & Sliding Doors)
             Modern Walnut  Coastal Gray         (w/Grommet)                SKU: OX9127           SKU: OX9245
                                                  SKU: OX9236               42"Dia x 291/2"H      471/4"W x 173/4"D x 291/2"H
                                                 941/2"W x 471/4"D x 291/2"H
                       Some items in this collection                        List: $664.00         List: $967.00
                        come ready-to-assemble.  List: $1,323 .00
                                                                                              DESKS LAMINATE         15
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