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     Tre COLLECTION by OfficeSource®                   UPHOLSTERY                                                05030
                                                                                           CHAIR OPTION

                                                                                               (Set of 2)
                                                                                            ARM SLEEVE
                                                                                            SKU: 50800AC
                                                                                             List: $56.00
                                                                                          (Black or Light Gray)

                                                                                      EXECUTIVE GUEST SLED  BASE
                                                                                      CHAIR W/CHROME FRAME
                                                                                      SKU: 50828
                                                                                      Overall: 221/2"W x 243/4"D x 373/4"H
                                                                                      Seat: 193/4"W x 19"D x 191/4"H
                                                                                      List: $773.00

                                                                                       TRE - UPHOLSTERIES IN STOCK:

                                                                                      NEW! AMBLK Black   NEW! AMGRY
                                                                                      Antimicrobial Vinyl  Light Gray
                                                                                       (PER-AMBLK)  Antimicrobial Vinyl
                         #50828                               #50828
                                                                                                       Gold Stars Indicate
                                                                                                      Product New for 2021.
                                                                                      This product is part of
                                                                                      a complete collection.

      Merak COLLECTION by OfficeSource®


                                                    SLED BASE GUEST CHAIR           MERAK - UPHOLSTERIES IN STOCK:
                                                    W/CHROME FRAME
                                                    SKU: 1509CHM
            #1509CHM                                Overall: 27"W x 27"D x 41"H
                                                                                             GRY Gray
                                                                                BLK Black
                                                                                                           WHT White
                                                    Seat: 191/2"W x 21"D x 181/2"H  Leather-Soft Vinyl™   Leather-Soft Vinyl™   Leather-Soft Vinyl™
                                     This product is part of  List: $667.00  (NOR-CAREPLUSBLK) (NOR-CAREPLUSGRY) (NOR-CAREPLUSWHT)
                                     a complete collection.
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