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Society COLLECTION                    COLLECTION                                                               ®
        by OfficeSource®                                                                                            05030

                                  Spring Tilt      SWIVEL CHAIR
                                                    W/ESPRESSO WOOD FRAME
                                 Mechanism         SKU: 05SO2WHE
                                                   Overall: 243/16"W x 26"D x 323/8-357/8"H
                                                   Seat: 2117/64"W x 181/2"D x 173/4-211/4"H
                                                   List: $799.00
                                                   FUNCTIONS:  360 Degree Swivel,
                                                   Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment,
                                                   Spring Tilt Mechanism              CHAIR BACK         CHAIR PROFILE
                                                   GUEST CHAIR
                                                   W/ESPRESSO WOOD FRAME     Plush Seat Cushion
                                                   SKU: 05SO2JHG             For Added Comfort
                                                   Overall: 233/4"W x 26"D x 311/2"H
                                                   Seat: 207/8"W x 187/8"D x 173/4"H
                                                   List: $722.00

                                                      SOCIETY UPHOLSTERY
                                                          IN STOCK:

                                                         CRM Cream Vinyl
                                                       Beautiful, Modern
                                                        Espresso Frame
                                                      With Wooden Back
             CHAIR BACK          CHAIR FRONT               Gold Stars Indicate
                                                           Product New for 2021.

        Adley COLLECTION                   COLLECTION                 Kinsley COLLECTION                     COLLECTION
        by OfficeSource®                                              by OfficeSource®
                                                                                                   Exposed Back
                                                                                                   Cushion Promotes
                                                                                                   Air Circulation


                                                                                                         Frame Base

                                                                                                      KINSLEY UPHOLSTERY
                             #05AD2JMG                FRONT                            #05KI25MG           IN STOCK:
                                                 ADLEY UPHOLSTERY
         GUEST CHAIR W/LIGHT                         IN STOCK:        MODERN GUEST CHAIR
         WOOD LEGS                 Linen Look                         W/BLACK METAL LEGS
         SKU: 05AD2JMG             With Vinyl                         SKU: 05KI25MG                       GRY Gray Linen
         Overall: 261/4"W x 265/8"D x 311/4"H  Upholstery             Overall: 231/4"W x 243/8"D x 315/8"H  (NOR-BL271)
         Seat: 201/2"W x 193/4"D x 181/2"H        CRM Cream Linen Vinyl  Seat: 201/2"W x 181/8"D x 187/8"H  Gold Stars Indicate
         List: $544.00                               (NOR-AL-445)     List: $539.00                       Product New for 2021.

                                                                  SEATING HOSPITALITY • RECEPTION • GUEST           159
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