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                                                                                            Phoenix’s clean, transitional styling
                                                                                            is at ease in both contemporary and
                                                                                            traditional settings. A molded base
                                                                                            profile  and  overhanging  work  surface
                                                                                            infuse Phoenix with an engaging blend of
                                                                                            classic and contemporary detailing. The
                                                                                            table desk imparts modern simplicity,
                                                                                            while warm, richly grained woods add
                                                                                            distinction  without  compromising
                                                                                            the  budget.  The Phoenix Collection is
                                                                                            the perfect choice for value minded
                                                                                            companies, who want a sophisticated,
                                                                  NEW!                      yet uncomplicated furniture solution.
           Phoenix                                              SKU: SOPHOENIX217A
                                                                (Laminate) Total List: $11,089.00
           COLLECTION                                           (Wood) Total List: $11,592.00  SO = SPECIAL ORDER
                                                                Excludes Seating & Accessories.

                                                                                                SKU: SOPHOENIX2111A
                                                                                                (Laminate) Total List: $19,035.00
                                                                                                (Wood) Total List: $20,315.00
                                                                                                Excludes Seating, Tack Board
                                                                                                & Accessories.


                                                  *AAC Aluminum Arc  *AFC Aluminum Focus
           LW Legacy Walnut  AW Artisan Walnut  CO Columbian Walnut

                                                 *AOR Aluminum Orbit *ABU Aluminum Buckle

             EW Espresso  DFW Dk. Forest Walnut  SCH Select Cherry
                                                    NEW! CFL  NEW! *ABM
                                                   Chrome Flair  Aluminum Beam
                                                                        SKU: SOPHOENIX219A
                                                    NEW! *AEL
                                                             NEW! AFL
          HW Harvest Walnut  GC Golden Cherry  WC Williamsburg Cherry  Aluminum Elite  Aluminum Flair  (Laminate) Total List: $9,581.00
                                                                        (Wood) Total List: $10,068.00
                                                                        Excludes Seating, Tack Board   NEW!
                                                                        & Accessories.
                                                   NEW! *AQD   NEW! *NBT
                                                  Aluminum Quadra  Nickel BowTie
          MW Mahogany Walnut  SKC Shaker Cherry  DC Dark Cherry  Please Note: *Pulls Also Available   All Phoenix Tops Come Standard
          RED Color indicators - Available In High Pressure Laminate Tops.  In Black Finish.      With Transitional Edge Detail
             ITEMS ON THIS PAGE ARE SPECIAL ORDER - CONTACT FOR MORE DETAILS                            Product New for 2021.
                                                                                                         Gold Stars Indicate
                                                                                   DESKS   LAMINATE • VENEER         13
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