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      Shapes COLLECTION

      by OfficeSource®

      Creative seating for any space! The Shapes Collection by OfficeSource® gives
      you the ability to arrange the cylinder, cube or quad seats to create a productive
      collaborative area.  This huddle space is perfect for anything from classrooms to
      reception areas, and comes in four great color options to fit your personal taste.

                    Choose From 3 Shapes
                      Cylinder, Cube or Quad

                  Choose From 4 Upholsteries
                Taupe, Kashmir Green, Black "Fabric" or
                   NEW! Black Antimicrobial "Vinyl"
                                                                           SHAPES - UPHOLSTERIES IN STOCK:

                                                                              TAU Taupe  GRN Kashmir Green
                                                                             (PER-BY13013)  (PER-BY1306)
        #7020CYL              #7030CUBE               #7040QUAD               BLK Black  NEW! AMBLK Black
                                                                              (PER-F58)  Antimicrobial Vinyl  Gold Stars Indicate
                                                                                          (PER-AMBLK)    Product New for 2021.
     CYLINDER SEAT        CUBE SEAT              QUAD SEAT                             HEAVY DUTY CASTER BASE
     SKU: 7020CYL         SKU: 7030CUBE          SKU: 7040QUAD                         SKU: 83CASTERS
     163/4"Dia x 173/4"H  163/4"W x 163/4"D x 173/4"H  163/4"W x 263/4"D x 173/4"H     • Set of 4
     Fabric List: $253.00  Fabric List: $266.00  Fabric List: $377.00                  • With casters seat is 21"H
     AM Vinyl List: $297.00  AM Vinyl List: $303.00  AM Vinyl List: $473.00            List: $108.00

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