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Eve Harbor COLLABORATIVE SEATING                              NEW!


        Eve Harbor provides a contemporary solution to collaborative workspaces when more
        privacy is needed. Harbor offers private areas that fall between "open" and "closed" space.
        48" high K-shaped or D-shaped side panels and backs offer a little privacy in lobbies,
        lounges and waiting areas, or mix with Eve Oasis with 48" high upholstered backs. Brushed
        aluminum cylinder legs are standard, wood legs available at the same price.
                                                             GRADE 1
        SKU      DESCRIPTION                DIMENSIONS      LIST PRICE
        SO5817   Chair, K-Shaped Arms    251/2"W x 33"D x 48"H   $2,759.00
        SO5818   Loveseat, K-Shaped Arms   481/2"W x 33"D x 48"H   $3,539.00
        SO5819   Sofa, K-Shaped Arms      70"W x 33"D x 48"H   $4,136.00
        SO5877   Chair, D-Shaped Arms    251/2"W x 33"D x 48"H   $2,759.00
        SO5878   Loveseat, D-Shaped Arms   481/2"W x 33"D x 48"H   $3,539.00
        SO5879   Sofa, D-Shaped Arms      70"W x 33"D x 48"H   $4,136.00
        SO5811   Chair, Arms & Back Panel   30"W x 33"D x 48"H   $2,733.00
        SO5812   Loveseat, Arms & Back Panel   53"W x 33"D x 48"H   $3,505.00
        SO5813   Sofa, Arms & Back Panel   76"W x 33"D x 48"H   $4,097.00
        SO5814   Armless Chair, Back Panel   221/2"W x 33"D x 48"H   $2,118.00
        SO5815   Armless Loveseat, Back Panel   451/2"W x 33"D x 48"H   $2,818.00
        SO5816   Armless Sofa, Back Panel   67"W x 33"D x 48"H   $3,428.00
        SO1554   Square Ottoman           20"W x 20"D x 18"H   $727.00
        SO4824D  Spencer Dining Table     48"W x 24"D x 29"H   $869.00
        SO4824F   Spencer Coffee Table    48"W x 24"D x 18"H   $799.00
        SO5600   Parsec Pull-Up Table    18"W x 12"D x 251/5"H   $779.00

        Flex Tiered            NEW!                  Flex  Tiered  Seating  and  walls  offer  comfortable,  multi-level  seating  for  groups  to  assemble  for
                                                     impromptu meetings or casual gatherings. Add a shelf to the back of the wall to allow standing
        COLLABORATIVE SEATING                        height work venue. Ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, lounge or open atrium areas. Easily
                                                     reconfigures to maximize spacing and social distancing. Flex tiered units can be ordered in fabric,
                                                     wood or wood/fabric. Add power to most units on vertical surface with combination 110-volt and
                                                     active USB port for recharging mobile devices.
                                                                                                               GRADE 1
                                                     SKU        DESCRIPTION                  DIMENSIONS       LIST PRICE
                                                     SO2182     2-Tiered, Wood, Cubby Storage   37"W x 401/2"D x 343/4"H   $2,494.00
                                                     SO2002     2-Tiered Seat             37"W x 401/2"D x 343/4"H   $1,865.00
                                                     SO2003     3-Tiered Seat             37"W x 401/2"D x 343/4"H   $2,024.00
                                                     SO2092     Wall for Flex Linear Unit   37"W x 10"D x 48"H   $1,249.00
                                                     SOBS92     Laminate Shelf for 2092 Wall   37"W x 10"D x 1"H   $649.00
                                                     Please Note:  Prices Based On Grade 1 Upholstery.
                                                     UPHOLSTERIES AVAILABLE:

                                                       Graphite  Cordovan  Balsa  Apple Green  Straw  Williamsburg  Steel  Chili
                                                     WOOD FINISHES AVAILABLE:
                                                                                                           Gold Stars Indicate
                                                                                                          Product New for 2021.
                                                       Driftwood  Monticello Maple  Boardwalk  Shoreline  Mahogany  Windsor Cherry
                                                                  SEATING HOSPITALITY • RECEPTION • GUEST           139
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