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                                                                         Always stylish, comfortable and effortlessly adaptable, Canvas
                                                                         enlivens corporate environments with refined aesthetics, born
                                                                         from an appealing mix of materials, finishes, and components.
                                                                         With an enhanced selection of multidimensional components,
                                                                         the creation of an ultra-functional workspace is limited only by
                                                                         your imagination. Create your ideal office today!

                                                                              SO = SPECIAL ORDER

       Canvas                                   SKU: SOCANVAS6618A
                                                (TFL) Total List: $21,522.00
       COLLECTION                               (HPL) Total List: $23,030.00
                                                Excludes Seating & Accessories.

         NEW!                                                               NEW!

      SKU: SOCANVAS6617A
      (TFL) Total List: $11,122.00                                       SKU: SOCANVAS6621A
      (HPL) Total List: $11,653.00                                       (TFL) Total List: $6,273.00
      Excludes Seating, Tack Board                                       (HPL) Total List: $6,661.00
      & Accessories.                                                     Excludes Seating & Accessories.

      LAMINATE OPTIONS - TFL OR HPL TOPS                                EDGE OPTIONS          PULL OPTIONS

                                                                                              *AAC Aluminum Arc  *ABU Aluminum Buckle
        BW Beigewood  SM Sugar Maple  ORW Oak Riftwood  WTA Weathered Ash SBP Smokey Brown Pear  F - Double Kerf

                                                                                              *AEL Aluminum Elite  *AFC Aluminum Focus
                                                                              G - Duo
        AS Asian Night  TK Studio Teak  PNW Pinnacle Walnut  HM Harvest Maple  GC Golden Cherry
                                                                                              *AQD Aluminum Quadra  *ABM Aluminum Beam

                                                                              X - Flute       AAV Aluminum Alcove  CAV Chrome Alcove
        SKC Shaker Cherry  SCH Select Cherry  WC Williamsburg Cherry  MW Mahogany Walnut  CO Columbian Walnut

                                                                                               AFL Aluminum Flair  CFL Chrome Flair
                                                                             Y - Square
         EF Espresso  WH Designer White  WHS White Sand  FHG Fashion Grey  PPD Pepperdust
                                                                         CHOOSE FROM
                                  ITEMS ON THIS PAGE ARE SPECIAL ORDER  4 EDGE OPTIONS        NEW! *AST Aluminum Studio  NEW! *CST Chrome Studio
                                      PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL                                         Please Note:
                                   SALES REPRESENTATIVE FOR DETAILS          Gold Stars Indicate        *Pulls Also Available
                                                                                                        In Black Finish.
         SG Slate Grey  BL Black                                             Product New for 2021.  NEW! *NBT Nickel BowTie
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