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     PLAIN APRON TABLE                                         FORWARD VISION I
     These tables are built for years of dependable            This popular workstation allows four
     service. Legs and  aprons are  constructed  of            students to work at a single station while
     solid red oak. They are finished with a chemical          all are facing the teacher. The unique design
     resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. Aprons are           leaves enough room to store four stools (not
     constructed of solid red oak and are 13/16"D x 41/2"H     included) under the workstation. Sink units
     with heavy-duty 13-gauge steel corner braces.             come with two combination cold water/
     21/4" square solid oak legs, with 5/16" hanger bolts installed, are attached to apron   gas fixtures. It comes with two GFI electrical
     with nuts and washers supplied. All tables are equipped with non-skid adjustable   outlets,  and  ample  storage. The  door cabinet comes with two adjustable
     glides for precise leveling and for prevention of rocking on uneven floors. Tables   shelves. The station is finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV
     are supplied with black rubber leg boots which offer protection against scuffing and   finish. All doors and drawers' lock.
     chemical spills. Standard table height is 30" with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.  MODEL #   DESCRIPTION   DIMENSION
     (Shipped KD with tops attached)
                                                               QS2946K        Solid Epoxy Top        96"W x 50"D x 36"H
     MODEL #         DESCRIPTION                DIMENSION
     QSP7101K30N     Oak/Plastic Laminate Top   48"W x 24"D x 30"H  TWO-STATION STEEL WORKBENCH
     QSP7102K30N     Oak/ChemGuard Top        48"W x 24"D x 30"H  Base consists of a single-faced heavy
     QSP7106K30N     Oak/Solid Epoxy Top      48"W x 24"D x 30"H  gauge  unit,  welded  and  riveted
     QSP7201K30N     Oak/Plastic Laminate Top   54"W x 24"D x 30"H  throughout. The unit provides six locker
     QSP7202K30N     Oak/ChemGuard Top        54"W x 24"D x 30"H  openings (12"W x 21"D x 15"H). Vented
     QSP7206K30N     Oak/Solid Epoxy Top      54"W x 24"D x 30"H  doors have spring loaded hinges,
     QSP7206M30N     Maple/Solid Epoxy Top    54"W x 24"D x 30"H  padlock hasp, and knockout  plug for
     QSP7601K30N     Oak/Plastic Laminate Top   60"W x 24"D x 30"H  cylinder locks.  Top is constructed of
     QSP7602K30N     Oak/ChemGuard Top        60"W x 24"D x 30"H  21/4" maple. Available with or  without
     QSP7606K30N     Oak/Solid Epoxy Top      60"W x 24"D x 30"H  vises. Gray (WB60) or black (WB6BL) for
                                                               base unit.
     FAB-LAB WORKBENCH                                         MODEL #       DESCRIPTION               DIMENSION
                                                               SOWB60V       Two-Station/0 Vises (Gray)   64"W x 28"D x 331/4"H
     Perfect for Makerspaces and Fab-Labs. It can              SOWB61V       Two-Station/1 Vise (Gray)   64"W x 28"D x 331/4"H
     be adjusted in height from 251/2"H to 351/2"H.            SOWB62V       Two-Station/2 Vises (Gray)   64"W x 28"D x 331/4"H
     Add the optional 5" locking casters and you’ll            SOWB6BL0V     Two-Station/0 Vises (Black)   64"W x 28"D x 331/4"H
     add another 6" in height. The legs are 12-gauge           SOWB6BL1V     Two-Station/1 Vise (Black)   64"W x 28"D x 331/4"H
     steel and have 14-gauge stringers for strength
     and stability.  The steel base is finished with  Pictured w/Optional Shelf & Casters  SOWB6BL2V   Two-Station/2 Vises (Black)   64"W x 28"D x 331/4"H
     a gray baked enamel finish. The static weight capacity is 1400 lbs. without        5' INSTRUCTOR DESK
     casters and 1000 lbs. with casters added. Need storage? Add the 18-gauge 8"D
     shelf. Choose from a 13/4 thick maple work surface or the 11/2" thick ShopTop.     Complete  demonstration  center
                                                                                        constructed  of  solid oak hardwood and
     MODEL #          DESCRIPTION              DIMENSION                                oak veneers.  It is finished with a chemical
     QSAMS6030M       Top: Maple            60"W x 30"D x 351/2"H                       resistant, earth-friendly UV finish.
     SOAMS6030S       Top: ShopTop          60"W x 30"D x 351/2"H                       Included are four drawers (three small, one
     QSAMS7230M       Top: Maple            72"W x 30"D x 351/2"H                       file), and a large  cupboard. The  drawers
     SOAMS7230S       Top: ShopTop          72"W x 30"D x 351/2"H                       are expertly crafted from the finest
     SOAMS9630M       Top: Maple            96"W x 30"D x 351/2"H                       materials with dovetail joinery throughout.
     SOAMS9630S       Top: ShopTop          96"W x 30"D x 351/2"H                       Drawers run on epoxy coated steel glides
     SO253993         18 Gauge Shelf - 60"      60"W x 8"D                              with nylon bearings for smooth operation.
                                                                                        All units come with a  GFI  protected  AC
     SO253994         18 Gauge Shelf - 72"      72"W x 8"D     duplex receptacle. Unit comes with combination cold water/gas fixture, and
     SO253995         18 Gauge Shelf - 96"      96"W x 8"D     polypropylene trap.  Comes standard with pull out writing board, support rod
     SO253996         Heavy Duty Casters (Set of 4)   4"H      with crossbar, rubber base molding and locks for cupboard and all drawers.
     Table/Base Finish: Oak  QS = QUICKSHIP  SO = SPECIAL ORDER  MODEL #        DESCRIPTION         DIMENSION
     Top Finish: Black Epoxy Resin                             QS1216KL         Solid Epoxy Top    60"W x 30"D x 36"H
     136 TABLES EDUCATIONAL                         CALL FOR PRICING
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