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Don’t Slouch When It Comes To Health


Slouching is cool for your hat; not so cool for your back. But for some reason back slouching is way more popular. Slouching comes from a lack in core strength and can cause circulation problems, stress, constipation and other health issues. It’s probably the worst bad habit to kick because we do it without noticing it! The start to kicking a bad habit is implementing healthier ones.

Most posture habits form when we are sitting, so make sure when you are sitting, you’re using proper chair etiquette:

  • Pull your navel in
  • Pull your shoulders back
  • Place your feet hip width apart

When implementing a new posture diet, you need a healthy chair-- when you start talking about chairs, that's where we come in. Of course, Carolina Office Solutions has a wide variety of office chairs, so I’ll highlight a few and you can come check out more in our showroom or on our website.

If you’re as serious about your health as you are about your job, the executive chair will allow you to be the boss of your posture. It's super comfortable with its padded seats plus when that weak core of yours starts to give out from posturing so hard, the padded neck and contoured back reinforce your need for posture support. Just like any workout routine, you need a break. So, this chair is also equipped with tilt lock and tension control so you can lean back after a long day without losing that spinal form.

While you’re taking charge of this new lifestyle, there's No harm in sneaking a couple of posture approving guest chairs into your office. In your new-found info about the importance of posture health why not pass it on to others?

Then to intensify your workout we have the Zenergy ball that not only tackles posture health but works out your legs too.

The most important thing to remember about posture is to avoid sitting for extended periods of time! I know how easy it is to get stuck at your desk for hours, so below I have a couple helpful tips for “keeping it moving” around the office.

  • Drink lots of water and when it’s time to release those toxins, take the scenic route to the farthest restroom from your desk, maybe make a referral or two to COS on your way there.
  • Visit your coworkers rather than emailing them, sometimes it’s nice to match a face to an email, you may even get a compliment or two on that new haircut!
  • SOE! Stairs Over Elevator. If you’re in a rush, take two at a time to intensify your workout!
  • Walk Fast, DON'T Run! It'll increase your heart rate plus it'll make you look like you have somewhere important to be. Running around the office will just make you look crazy.

Incorporating these changes into your workday may seem small, but it’s the small habits that turn into big ones. Perfect example, who would’ve known that comfortable sitting position you discovered years ago would turn you into such a slouch?

Happy Posturing!