We consider 100% of our pre-owned inventory to already be discounted, but sometimes we like to spoil our local and loyal customers by cutting the deals even deeper! Enjoy our weekly and monthly deals! 



P-612-09. BERNHARDT veneer boat shape table.     P-689-16 NUCRAFT veneer conference table with elliptical base and power grommet.

P-603-216 12 foot conference table with power grommet.      P-555-18 BERNHARDT walnut conference table 8.6 feet with chrome details on 2 power grommets and legs.

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Carolina Office Solution can customize all spaces with pre-owned Herman Miller Etho-Space products!

Starting April 24th and ending May 31st, get 25% off your task chairs with your purchase of cubicles. Equal number task chairs to cubicles. Cubicles can be new, pre-owned, or blended. Task chairs must be regularly priced and pre-owned. This will exclude any sales orders and/or quotes that are currently in our system. 



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