We purchased a waiting room full of the perfect chairs from Carolina Office Solutions.

Carolina Office Solutions has more furniture than you can look at in one visit.

Carolina Office Solutions has always met our expectations and has done an excellent job with the services and products they’ve provided.

Craig and team did an excellent job from start to finish! Highly recommend!

Why buy new when you can buy gently used furniture that is top of the line and about half the cost of less? I have purchased a fire safe filling cabinet & a new desk chair.
Definitely give them a call first (and second) if you need office furniture and / or office solutions. You won’t be disappointed.
Open to commercial clients by appointment only. No walk-ins Permitted


Carolina Office Solutions got its start in 2000. It was an idea, and only worth $150 at the time. Owners, Craig & Ted, had worked in the relocation industry for a year at this point. While there they saw how much quality furniture was being thrown away. They decided to pay out for a group of chairs that they thought were too nice to throw out. The cleaned them up, then let people know and resold them for a profit.

Within a year, they subleased their first warehouse space. One year later, their first truck. Finally, in 2003, they both quit their relocation jobs and committed full time to their new business. They leased out a 5,000 square foot warehouse and needed to add an additional 7,000 before a full year went by. In 2005, they had 12,000 sq ft in warehouse space and finally hired their first staff members.

As of 2006, they had 18 employees, 50,000 sq ft, and no idea what they were doing. So, over the next couple years they hired consultants and coaches, then finally an office manager to help them on the business end. In 2009 they celebrated their firs $100K transaction! In 2010 they upgraded to an even larger warehouse space. In 2013 they decided to add new order products to their lineup. Now, if someone needed 20 office sets that all matched, Carolina Office Solutions could help. This was the first step to pleasing the larger companies as well as local small businesses.

By 2014 Craig & Ted found the Westinghouse location and called it home. Along with their new staff, new products, and over 100,000 sq ft of warehouse and showroom space. In 2018 they expanded into the Cornelius area with their 2nd location. By continuing to value the small and local businesses in North and South Carolina, Carolina Office Solutions continues to evolve over the years.


When Carolina Office Solutions first discovered the niche market of new and pre-owned furniture, they discovered that it was imperative to their core values to help their community as much as possible. Through giving back and helping the small and local businesses and finding the ideal solution to their furniture needs. Carolina Office Solutions strives to help everyone recognize the quality and variety that pre-owned office furniture has, and supplement missing pieces with new order options.

Core Value

Team Concept: The daily functions at Carolina Office Solutions simply wouldn’t be possible without teamwork! The process of bringing furniture from our floor to your door requires communication and cooperation between departments in order to make your experience positively unforgettable. After all, we at Carolina Office Solutions’ consider our clients a part of our team, and all parties working together will ensure a stress-free environment where everybody wins.

Be Optimistic: In order to never, ever give up, an optimistic attitude is a must! It is empowering and motivating to remember that things will always get better, and a turn for the best can always be right around the corner. At Carolina Office Solutions, we believe in our product, we believe in our service, and we believe in our future, which keeps us feeling optimistic each and every day!

Never, Ever Give Up: “You win some, you lose some,” we all know this. But at Carolina Office Solutions, we believe there is always more we can do to improve our performance, our processes, and our attitudes to keep moving up the ladder of success! Rarely do problems arise without a possible solution. 

Demand Integrity: At Carolina Office Solutions, we value the trust we’re able to build with our customers. This trust is built on unwavering honesty (from all parties!), hard work, and commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Commitment to Logic: “Logic is the beginning of wisdom – not the end.” – Leonard Nimoy. For optimal performance, every member of a team must utilize what they know. In problem-solving, decision-making, and the avoidance of creating other issues, the ability to reason is indispensable—especially when looking for solutions that make sense for everyone involved.

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Carolina Office Solution

customer reviews

When Binswanger Glass remodeled its Graham Street office, we were able to get desks that matched in our contract department, more efficient work stations in the in the general office and a new reception counter and saved a LOT of money. They were very easy to work with and provided design assistance with the counter. Thanks, Craig!

Arthur Rouse - Binswanger Glass - 2020

The items that were installed/delivered were exactly as Trav described them.  We were pleased with the time of delivery after the price was finalized.  We plan to use your company whenever possible.  Take care and I hope each of you and your families have a nice Thanksgiving. 

Randy Adcock | President/Chief Executive Officer - American Bank

Everything was amazing.  Trev was so sweet. I kind of freaked out at him and he was so nice and helpful.  Thanks for your help! 

Laura Helms | Director Of Nursing - Helms Home Care