Are You Looking for Collaborative Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC?

Collaborative Office Charlotte NCCreating a collaborative office environment is easy when you have help from Carolina Office Solutions. We are a full-service office furniture dealership based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that offers the ideal furniture for businesses that want to promote teamwork in the workplace. If you aren’t sure exactly what types of collaborative furniture will work best for you, we can help you identify your needs and recommend furniture accordingly.

We can supply any of the following types of collaborative office furniture for your workplace in Charlotte, NC:

  • Benching systems – This furniture seats workers in a group setting with few barriers between them. Features such as mobile cushioned pedestals and integrated power and data hookups can meet your workplace needs.
  • Task chairs – We offer chairs that workers can sit in comfortably without having to adjust numerous controls. These chairs are ideal for shared spaces in a collaborative office where people will drop in to work for a limited period of time.
  • Meeting tables – These tables can be used to facilitate meetings outside of the conference room. By choosing a meeting table on casters, you will be able to easily move the table around your office as needed.

To begin planning a collaborative office environment where your employees can perform at their peak potential, contact Carolina Office Solutions today. We would be happy to meet with you at our showroom in Charlotte, NC, and explain your options in person.