New and Preowned Call Center Furniture for Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Call Center Furniture Charlotte NCIt’s important to find appropriate call center furniture for your facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. You want your employees who talk to your current or potential customers to have a work environment that supports their success. At Carolina Office Solutions, we can supply a wide range of furniture for call centers, helping you create the ideal space for your specific needs.

Our selection of call center furniture includes:

  • Space-efficient cubicles that will help you make the most of the available room in your Charlotte, NC, office
  • Supervisor workstations with built-in marker boards, bulletin boards, and other features that managers can use to stay organized
  • Mobile training room tables that you can easily reconfigure based on your changing needs
  • 120-degree workstations that will keep workers from directly facing one another and becoming distracted
  • Traditional desks that have abundant drawer space and other useful features
  • Contemporary reception desks that will make a positive impression on visitors to your office
  • Conference room tables with integrated power outlets that make it easy to plug in laptops during meetings

In addition to cubicles, tables, and desks, we offer ergonomic seating that your employees can comfortably sit in throughout the workday. These chairs provide the support needed to help prevent the back pain that people commonly experience when sitting for long periods of time.

To learn more about our call center furniture, schedule a visit to our showroom in Charlotte, NC. We would be pleased to talk with you about your needs and tell you more about the products in our selection.