Busy Bees

When you hear cubicles, do you think honey combs filled with buzzing worker bees?

If you do, then you’re not entirely wrong.

The first open plan office system was called “Action Office II”, created by Robert Propst, President of Herman Miller Research Corp. It consisted of 120-degree honey comb like partitions, ultimately created to fit the way people work, both individually and collaboratively.

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Cubicles have evolved a lot since they were created in 1967, Luckily, Propst designed the Action Office to accommodate the ever-changing structures of the workplace. Propst designed this plan so well, 50 years later, companies all over are still implementing it into their workspaces.

But Why?

Cubicles are taking over the industry for number of reasons:


But one of the biggest reasons companies are choosing cubicles for their open office plan is because partitions provide the privacy needed for confidential tasks, as well as aid productivity by lessening visual and audible distractions.


Most cubicles are made of recyclable materials, so they tend to be more cost efficient. Not to mention the price difference when shopping pre-owned. Overall, installing partitions will always be more cost efficient than building an entire wall.


3.Action Office II

Which leads to space utilization, which is probably the biggest perk to using cubicles. Propst realized that they could fit more workspaces in an open floor plan with perpendicular partitions. So now, they take up less space and with different configurations, they can custom fit any work area.




workstation 2


Lastly, standardization is more of an employee perk it also boosts company morale. Cubicles provide a more uniform look, while still leaving room for personal expressions by allowing employees to customize their workspaces accordingly.




download (3)

Cubicles have become more modern over time, no more tall tan walls (unless that’s what you like). They’ve become a lot more customizable from layout shapes and sizes, to panel colors and textures. Maybe it’s time to re-think your office floor plan if you want to add a fun twist to your work space, and encourage collaboration.




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