Bullets and Peninsulas

What is a Bullet, D- Top or P-Top Desk?

These names are essentially a writing table that gets itsP-581-23 (2) name from its shape. Viewed from
above, a bullet desk is shaped like a bullet, with the rounded end typically supported by a cylindrical post. Bullet tops are also sometimes referred to as an island conference top. These are also called D-Top desks, peninsula desks, and offer derivatives like Key-Top desks and P-Top desks.


2592760079_78e66550d9_bWork Space!

These kinds of tops are great for holding small meetings in your office, and are also great for collaboration projects.

They provide extra work surface to spread out your work and give your clients or coworkers space to read and sign everything.




Did I Mention Space?P-565-13

These desks are usually made with a post to ensure leg and knee space for you and your guests. Typically, they come with a pedestal as well for storage. Some return sizes are customizable and modesties can be added to secure under the table privacy as well.


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