As the year winds down and brings along Christmas with it, we are blessed to have such amazing employees, clients and friends.

We’ve experienced some challenging moments throughout the year and many rewarding ones.

Professional office space design services can help you use your available office space in the most efficient manner possible, so you can create a dynamic work environment where your employees can thrive.

As we reflect this Thanksgiving, our managing partner Craig Dunn let us know what he is grateful for.

Get The Most Out Of Your Meeting Rooms!


Imagine this: You’re standing in front of a group of people, ready to deliver the groundbreaking information that will change your team’s performance, improve productivity, clear up ALL misunderstandings in company processes and procedures, and make the workplace an all-around better place.


Don’t Slouch When It Comes To Health


Slouching is cool for your hat; not so cool for your back. But for some reason back slouching is way more popular. Slouching comes from a lack in core strength and can cause circulation problems, stress, constipation and other health issues.


Admins Matter!


Administrative professionals can be easily overlooked by colleagues and customers as simply a smiling face with a sign-in book. They are rarely of interest to clients, most of their work is behind-the-scenes and does not directly generate revenue for the company, causing them to often be mistaken for office “helpers” without any crucial responsibilities.


Hiring Has Some Hidden Costs…


Hiring an employee doesn’t seem like a grand ordeal. Sure, it’s taxing trying to find the right candidate. You have to review resume after resume, attend interview after interview, and JUST when you think you’ve found the perfect match for the position, that candidate gets scooped up by another company.


Core Values With Carolina Office Solutions


Team Concept 

The daily functions at Carolina Office Solutions simply wouldn’t be possible without team work! The process of bringing furniture from our floor to your door requires communication and cooperation between departments in order to make your experience positively unforgettable.

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