As the year winds down and brings along Christmas with it, we are blessed to have such amazing employees, clients and friends.

We’ve experienced some challenging moments throughout the year and many rewarding ones.

Professional office space design services can help you use your available office space in the most efficient manner possible, so you can create a dynamic work environment where your employees can thrive.

As we reflect this Thanksgiving, our managing partner Craig Dunn let us know what he is grateful for.
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Types Of Office Chairs Everyone Should Know

Cassaundra Thomas | 03-31-2020

We’ve put our years of experience together and come up with this quick guide to the common types of office chair and help you to decide which is best for you.


Carolina Office Solutions & COVID-19

Cassaundra Thomas | 03-30-2020

As we provide office furniture to essential businesses as well as product essential for people to work from home, we are remaining open.


Suddenly Working At Home? Here Are Some Solutions

Cassaundra Thomas | 03-20-2020

With social distancing and companies having people working from home, a lot has changed for many people. Here are some tips and solutions for the top issues you may be facing while trying to work where you usually rest.


Let’s Help You To Fall In Love With Your Office Again


First impressions count and we want your office to look it’s best, just like you. Read more about our professional office space design services and how it can improve your office relationships!


Happy New Year And We’re Turning 20!!


 It’s the start of a new decade and the team at Carolina Office Solutions would like to extend gratitude in advance for your continued support. We look forward to helping you find the ideal solution to your furniture needs in 2020!

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