Choose Benching Systems for Your Workplace in Asheville, NC

Benching Asheville NCBenching is an increasingly popular type of furniture for businesses in Asheville, North Carolina, and beyond. This furniture seats employees in a space-efficient grid, where they have few barriers between them and can easily work together as a team. Many businesses report that they benefit greatly from increased collaboration after switching to benching from traditional cubicles.

If you’re interested in obtaining benching systems for your workplace in Asheville, NC, Carolina Office Solutions is the best company for you to call. We offer collaborative furniture that has these useful features:

  • Adjustable-height work surfaces – This feature enables employees to effortlessly transition from sitting to standing positions, so they can work while standing during part of the day to avoid the health risks that are associated with regularly sitting for prolonged periods of time.
  • Adjustable-height privacy barriers – Employees can raise these barriers for freedom from distraction or lower them to easily communicate with people sitting nearby.
  • Storage options – The storage features on our benching systems range from a single drawer underneath the work surface to a mobile pedestal with multiple locking drawers.
  • Built-in power and data – Integrated power and data ports make it easy to connect computers and other digital technology while avoiding the dangerous situation of having cords all around.

If you want to save space and encourage collaboration at your workplace in Asheville, NC, contact Carolina Office Solutions today for more information on how our benching systems can help.