Carolina Office Solutions Offers 120 Degree Cubicles for Your Business in Charlotte, NC

120 Degree Cubicles Charlotte NC120 degree cubicles are an excellent choice for businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, that want to give their employees privacy while also allowing for open communication. Like a traditional cubicle, these workstations place privacy walls in front of employees, but because the units open widely at the back, employees never feel boxed in. Plus, because these cubicles are typically arranged together in sets of three, several members of a team can sit in close proximity and easily discuss projects as needed.

As an office furniture dealership that offers many innovative furnishings, Carolina Office Solutions can supply you with the ideal 120 degree cubicles for your business. You will have the opportunity to choose from many different:

  • Sizes – Because we offer high-quality cubicles in a wide range of sizes, we can fit offices with various layouts, in spaces both large and small.
  • Laminates, fabrics, and finishes – You can choose from a broad assortment of colors and styles for work surfaces and panel walls, ensuring that you will find cubicles that match the existing décor in your Charlotte, NC, office.
  • Useful features – Our cubicles are available with handy features like conveniently placed data and power hookups and mobile file pedestals, which can make it easier for your employees to do their jobs.

In addition to cubicles, we offer many other types of innovative furniture for you to choose from. These include benching systems for collaborative spaces, adjustable-height desks that enable people to work while standing, and ergonomic chairs that help workers avoid the neck and back pain often experienced in other chairs.

To find the 120 degree cubicles and other quality furnishings you need for your workplace in Charlotte, NC, contact Carolina Office Solutions today.